How To Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning

There is no doubt everyone would like to know how to keep the patio umbrella from spinning because of the danger it poses to the users.

Easy Ways on How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Spinning

There are several ways you can use to help keep your umbrella stable.  

Popsicle Stick Method.  You can stop your umbrella from spinning using a popsicle stick.

Temporary Solutions

Tighten up the Knob Bolt.  This is the most obvious solution to tighten a spinning umbrella.

Get an Umbrella Cone.  If after tightening your bolt you still find your umbrella spinning, get a cone to support it.

Buy an Umbrella Ring.  An umbrella ring is inserted into the table hole and reduces the diameter of the hole helping it stabilize the pole.

Secure the Pole.  For those with freestanding umbrellas without the table, you will need extra pole support to secure them.

Permanent Solutions to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Spinning

Get Bungee Cords.  Use a small bungee cord to wrap it around the pole.  Then connect a longer bungee cord to the small one.

Choose the right Base for your Kind of Umbrella.  If you don’t want to go through the hassle of tightening the knob of your umbrella,  get the right base.

Drill the Base Securely in the Patio.  For a permanent solution, you might want to consider drilling the base and securing it firmly in the patio.

There you have it, no matter how shaky your patio umbrella is, there are enough solutions that should work for you.  Some are temporary while others are permanent solutions.