How To Plant A Lemon Tree Outdoors

Learning how to plant a lemon tree outdoors will help you provide the citrus tree with its basic needs and get rewarding results. Growing a lemon tree outdoors is not difficult! You just need to learn how to care for your tree and voila you have a bountiful harvest.

How To Plant A Lemon Tree Outdoors

It is possible to grow lemons in your garden. Choose an area that receives plenty of sunlight and ensure that the soil drains well...

1. Watering 2. Fertilizing 3. Pruning 4. Pest and Disease Control

Outdoor Lemon Tree Care

A lemon tree should be watered once a week or bi-weekly depending on the rainfall in your area. Keep a watering schedule to ensure your lemons get enough water. If you are not sure when to water them next, check the top 2 inches of soil. If it’s too dry it’s time to water your tree.



It is important to fertilize your trees every four to six weeks. Starting from February to August ensures a healthy cycle of growth. Citrus trees love to feed on fertilizers that are balanced with a rich nitrogen-rich blend.

Did you know lemon trees need pruning? Pruning is critical to maintaining your lemon tree shape. Cut off branches that are too long and remove those branches growing toward the trunk of the tree. Pruning helps the tree maintain airflow between the branches allowing light to penetrate the center of the tree. Remember to sterilize your pruning tools with rubbing alcohol ensuring a clean cut to keep the lemon tree healthy.


The best part of any fruit tree is to get to the harvesting stage. Lemons are ready to pick when they are yellow-green on the outside. Most lemon trees will be prime with fruit after about 1-2 years. Most lemons ripen between 4 to 12 months after flowering. Blooms appear in Spring to signal a transition to fresh fruit in the summer...


How To Plant A Lemon Tree Outdoors

Nothing embraces the warm, carefree vibe of both spring and summer like the citrus fruit. Lemon trees are one of the best trees to choose from for your home orchards...