How To Save A Rotting Succulent – A Practical Guide

Gardeners ought to know how to save a rotting succulent plant because it is the easiest plant to grow and take care of. Succulent is a marvelous plant that has thick fleshy leaves adorning different colors. They do not flower thus their fleshy leaves carry their beauty making them attractive.

– Discoloration of leaves – The plant looks sick in appearance – Leaves feel soft and mushy to touch – Discolored stem with brown or black spots – Leaves falling off easily when lightly touched

Identifying an Overwatered Succulent 

Root Rot Steps to Treat Root Rot – Dig out the plant and identify the level of the damage. – If it’s minimal, take out the plant from the pot and squeeze the excess water if any. Leave the plant out of the pot for about 2 days to dry up. The soil dries up, preventing the rotting from developing further.

Step by Step Process to Save a Rotting Succulent

Stem Rot Steps to Treat Stem Rot – If the stem is suffering from slight rot, cut out the rotting part and check for any rot inside the stem. If there are any rots inside the stem, remove the rot completely or cut off that part. – Leave the succulent plant out for about 3 days so that the cut is callused over. Once calloused, plant it again in a well-drained soil mix.

Leaf Rot Steps to Treat Leaf Rot – If you notice leaf rot, immediately remove the rotten leaves. Check if any part of the stem or root is too affected and amputate it. – In case you only salvage only a few leaves, go ahead and place them on a new soil mixture in a fresh pot. Keep spraying them with water lights to keep the soil slightly wet. In a few weeks, you will be able to see new roots forming on the leaf base. In a few months, you will have a new plant that is cloned from the mother plant.

How To Save A Rotting Succulent – A Practical Guide

It is important to give the succulents their requirements like well-drained soils, water, and light. Potted or indoor succulents need more care than garden ones to thrive. Though water is the most important element to all plants, too much or too little leads to damage of the succulent.