How To Store Potatoes From The Garden

It is critical to learn how to store potatoes from the garden after all the hard work of growing and harvesting them. Or maybe after buying farm-fresh potatoes in bulk from the local farmers market.

Preparing Harvested Potatoes For Storage

Sort out the Freshly Harvested Potatoes  The first step after harvesting potatoes is to sort through them.

Clean the Potatoes before Storing Them  If your potatoes do not have much soil, brush off the soil with a soft brush.

Cure the Potatoes Curing is a process that toughens up the potatoes further.

Store the Cured Potatoes  Store your cured potatoes in a cool environment for long term use. Choose a dry darkroom to store them within a temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is more than one way to store potatoes. Here are some steps you can try to work with until you find the best that suits you.

Several Ways Of How To Store Potatoes From The Garden

Store in a Container that allows Good Ventilation

A cardboard box or laundry basket is an excellent choice for storing cured potatoes.

If you only want to preserve your potatoes through the late fall, use a simple preservation method. 

Rebury the Potatoes in the Soil

If you have adequate spaces in your freezer why not store your produce. Frozen potatoes can last a year or longer.

Blanche the Potatoes for Freezer Storage

Pressure-can Potatoes

This is one of the easiest ways of how to store potatoes from the garden for the long term. Pressure canning is not reliant on refrigeration. 

Potatoes are a delicacy all year round! You cannot afford to not have them in your kitchen. You will appreciate the efforts to store your potatoes because that means you can enjoy them for longer!