Incredible Spanish Flowers To A Colorful Garden

If you long to replicate the Spaniards’ style of filling your garden with colorful blooms, here are the perfect Spanish flower names and types.

What are the Spanish flowers called?

The most common Spanish flowers are the pomegranate flower, the red Carnation, Valencia red rose, Bougainvillea, Gazania, Lantana, Water Lily.

The red carnation is Spain's national flower.

What is the famous Spanish flower?

It's associated with love, appreciation, and devotion. The red carnation is an inseparable part of Spanish culture. It's a mother's day gift.

What flower is associated with Spain?

The pomegranate flower is associated with Spain because it's their official flower.

It is represented in literature, art, and Granada's coat of arms. After all, the city got the name after the flower!

There are hundreds of flowers and we’ve picked those that hold the greatest meanings to Spain.

Incredible Spanish Flowers To A Colorful Garden

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