Is Creeping Thyme Edible Or Is It Only Grown For Beauty?

Is creeping thyme edible, or is it just grown by gardeners because it is an excellent ground cover protecting the soil from too much sun?

Is Creeping Thyme Edible?

The creeping thyme is one of the edible ground cover plants popular among gardeners.  This herb varies significantly in its culinary usefulness.  Their scent and their ...

Before you get creeping thyme for planting from your local nursery, it’s best to know what type of creeping thyme to plant. Let’s dive right in and learn about a variety of ...

Creeping Thyme Varieties

Thymus Serpyllum

This variety is also known by Breckland thyme, wild thyme, mother of thyme, pink chintz, creeping thyme, or mauve creeping thyme.  This type has brighter colored leaves that are ...

Thymus praecox is helpful for cooking and has a scent that resembles oregano.  It has several subspecies and cultivars that may not have the flavor that you would expect.

Thymus Praecox

Pink Chintz has fuzzy leaves and grows at least 1 to 2 inches tall with salmon-pink flowers in early spring.  This variety can spread up to 18 inches wide and is one of the most drought ...

Pink Chintz

Like any other thyme variety, the creeping thyme is edible with an aroma and flavor like mint when steeped for teas or tinctures or crushed.


Conclusion – Is Creeping Thyme Edible?