Is Creeping Thyme Invasive Or Manageable?

Gardeners looking for thyme as ground cover always have one question that is commonly asked, is creeping thyme invasive or manageable?...

Why is Creeping Thyme the Best Ground Cover?

This creeping thyme has foliage that has a fine texture and produces flowers of different colors depending on the type...

-Creeping thyme grows to a height between 1-4 inches but spreads to about 24 inches or more -Its color ranges from silvery gray to dark green -Some do flower very little while others burst into profusions of rose, red, lavender, or white -All creeping thymes spread around by sending stems along the surface of the ground to grow the roots and leaves...

Growth Habit of the Creeping Thyme

1. Pink Chintz 2. Purple Carpet 3. Spicy orange 4. Mediterranean creeping thyme 5. Elfin 6. Red creeping thyme 7. Highland cream 8. Wooly thyme 9. Doone valley

Creeping Thyme Varieties

Pink Chintz

This variety is characterized by fuzzy, dark, green foliage with light to dark pink flowers. It spreads fast and reaches 24 inches in diameter.

This is the most grown creeping thyme. It is low growing and features beautiful lavender flowers in early to mid-summer. It creates a purple carpet, beautiful for the eyes and soft to walk on. Individual plants spread to about 18 inches.

Purple Carpet

This variety looks like carpet flowers than the other varieties. It produces pink clusters of flowers that appear sporadically. Its needle-shaped green leaves are beautiful spreading 10 to 12 inches.

Spicy orange

Is Creeping Thyme Invasive Or Manageable?

Though it creeps and grows fast, we can be confident to conclude that creeping thyme is not invasive. It is only a fast grower with a beautiful view and soft leaves to walk on. What more could you ask for?