Loquat Tree Growth Rate: What To Expect

If you’re thinking of planting loquats in your garden for their delicious fruit, get prepared for the extended loquat tree growth rate. 

Loquat Tree Size: Is It Suitable For Your Garden?

Loquat trees or Eriobotrya japonica are fruit-bearing trees with short trunks and dark green, leathery leaves.

Loquat trees require sunlight and warm temperatures. They also need plenty of space around. Choose a clear spot in your garden away from other trees and any hanging power cords or lines. 

Where To Plant A Loquat Tree?

How Fast Does A Loquat Tree Grow?

The growth rate is the progress in height a tree achieves in the course of a year. Depending on the number, the growth rate can be slow, medium, or fast.

When the loquat tree growth rate fails your expectations, it’s time for some boost. Here’s what you can try to maximize its growth potential:

Improve The Loquat Tree Growth Rate

You can plant loquat trees in pots or directly in your garden. In both cases, you need to provide plenty of sunlight, nutrients, and water. 

Pick The Perfect Spot

Loquat trees have shallow roots. As a result, they often struggle to make their way through the soil. 

Help The Roots

Loquat trees require fertilizer 3 times a year. You can use a 0-10-10 organic fish emulsion or a 6-6-6. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers.

Use Fertilizers

Loquat trees thrive in a warm climate. They tolerate drought and like to be sheltered from the wind. Loquat trees perform best in USDA Plant Hardiness zones 8 to 10.

Loquat Growing Zones

To slow down the growth rate of your loquat tree, fertilize less frequently. 

How To Slow Down Loquat Tree Growth Rate?

A loquat tree grown from seed will need up to 10 years before it produces any fruit. A young tree purchased from a nursery takes approximately 3 years before yielding the first fruits.

How Long Does It Take A Loquat Tree To Produce Fruit

A fruitless loquat tree is not a rare sight. The main reason is an unsuitable climate. Older trees can survive temperatures in the low tens. Young trees, on the other hand, are sensitive to cold weather. 

Fast Growth Rate But No Fruit On Your Loquat Tree?

When provided with warm temperature, well-draining soil, and adequate fertilizer, loquat trees grow over 25 inches a year.


Loquat Tree Growth Rate: What To Expect