Major Differences Between A Hog and A Pig

Hogs and pigs belong to the same family – the porcine family. These are very common species. Their names are used interchangeably most of the time. 

Pig Vs Hog

The difference between a pig and a hog is evident in some areas of the animal. Pigs are small domestic species in the pig family. 

Hogs are quite different from pigs; they have small eyes, large ears, and their tails are thin. 


These are swine of younger age, they are animals that are yet to mature. Pigs come from Southeast Asia and they are domestic animals. 


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Differences Between A Hog And A Pig

After the brief explanation of what a pig and hog are, it is clear that they have unique features. 

As earlier said, these mammals differ in age, and they have different life spans. You can tell a hog from a pig through their age. 

1. Age Of The  Mammals

Domestication is one of the things that differentiates pigs from hogs. These two mammals are not on the same level of domestication. 

2. Domestication Of Hogs And Pigs

Hogs and pigs are raised in different environmental conditions.

3. Farming Purpose

Hogs and pigs mature according to their environment. They have different behavioral pattern.

4. Behavior And Attitude

These aspects of the animals will be quite different since their classification and characteristics are based on age.

5. Their Physical Changes

Farmers differentiate pigs and hogs according to their age and weight when taken to the market.

6. Commercial Purpose

Pigs and hogs belong to the same animal family, but people try to differentiate them due to the misconceptions that may arise.


Major Differences Between A Hog and A Pig