Male Vs. Female Peppers- Facts About Peppers

You might have heard of some notion about male vs. female peppers. Are you wondering if it is true or just a myth? Well, let’s discuss some interesting facts about that.

Male vs. Female Peppers Theories

Bumps Counting to Determine Sex: There are some statements to differentiate between female and male bell peppers. The idea is when you count the male bell pepper; it should have 3 bumps while the female has 4 bumps.

Raw and Cooking: Some even suggest when choosing pepper for raw food like salad, you should go for the female ones. The reason being they are sweeter than the males. And if you want to cook you should go for the male pepper with the 3 bumps.

Seeds: There is also the argument that the male bell peppers with the 3 lobes have lesser seeds than the female.

Gender: Just like the flowers on some other plants, the flowers are responsible for pollination. The flowers on pepper have both the male and female reproductive organs making them capable of self-pollination. So bell peppers fruit have no gender.

Facts About Peppers

Lobes: These bumps are formed differently according to their growth rate and genetics. There are various peppers that range from 2 to 5 lobes, so if you come across 3 or 4 lobes it's because they are bigger.

Sweetness: Sweetness or flavor is not decided by the number of lobes or bumps. Sweetness can be determined by the degree of ripeness just like any other fruit. Conditions such as soil type, climate condition, time it was picked, etc. can determine the taste.

Seeds: If you are looking to get bell pepper with more seeds, you probably should go for the one with more lobes. The 4 lobes pepper may contain more seeds because there is more cavity space for seeds to grow. However, this may not be the case for all 4 Bell Peppers.

With that said. The next time you hear or see a statement about male vs. female peppers, you should determine the truth!

Final Say

Male Vs. Female Peppers- Facts About Peppers

The fact is no fruit has male or female fruit. So stay enlightened!