When Are Bell Peppers In Season?

Do you love to grow bell peppers, or are you learning how to do it as a beginner gardener and wondering when are bell peppers in season?

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Who Leads In Bell Pepper Production?

Many farmers enjoy growing these peppers because the demand is as high as the supply. 

Besides the popular bell peppers, let’s look at the many classes of peppers available. There are 5 significant pepper species.

Types And Varieties Of Peppers Always In Season

Capsicum annuum is an annual shrub that belongs to the nightshade family. 

Capsicum Annuum

This type is commonly used as a seasoning in salsa and dried powders.  It is a type of chile pepper called aji commonly grown in  South America.

Capsicum Baccatum

Also known as the yellow lantern chile, it includes the habañero and Scotch bonnet varieties.

Capsicum Chinense

This variety is considered a part of the Capsicum annuum family and includes only a few types like the Birdseye chile pepper and Tabasco.

Capsicum Frutescens

Capsicum Pubescens

Capsicum Pubescens

Nutritious Facts For The Bell Peppers

Fresh and colorful bell peppers are nutritious packed snacks that are loved by many. 

When Are Bell Peppers In Season?

It seems like the bell pepper season is consistent throughout the year because you will find them in the grocery stores all year round.  But, they have an exact season when they thrive in plenty.

Vegetables are a whole lot of goodness to every person if only we learned how to eat them.  Even those who don’t like other vegetables love bell peppers.  


When Are Bell Peppers In Season?