Native Italian Flowers

If you’re researching what are the most famous native Italian flowers to improve your garden, look no further. Italy is home to many, many flowers that have inexhaustible uses for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Famous Italian Flowers

If you’re wondering what are the most popular flowers in Italy, know that there are literally hundreds of different species used in many different traditions in Italy!

Yes, roses – arguably the most famous flowers in the world, are probably the most used flowers in Italy! They’re also the answer to the question “What is the national flower of Italy?” 


Lilies are often used as decorations, especially in wedding bouquets and other celebratory purposes.

Lilies – Native Italian Flowers


In case you never saw what Tuscany looks like, know that they don’t call it the Land of the Sunflower for no reason. 


These flowers have to be cultivated carefully when preparing them for use, as they’re impossible to grow in a pot.

Tuscany Poppies – Native Italian Flowers

Poppies that grow there are distinctly dark red and they can have up to 6 petals.

Many people wonder what flowers to use for an Italian wedding bouquet. The tradition behind it is quite interesting – the groom is the one to pay for the bouquet and he has to deliver it to the wife-to-be’s house on the morning of the wedding. 

Traditional Italian Wedding Bouquet

Italy is very rich when it comes to flowers, but some spots are better than others.

Must-Visit Flower Places in Italy

This place in Rome is directly translated to “Field of Flowers” and it’s located in the country’s capital. 

Campo De Fiori

As mentioned before, Tuscany is an incredibly sunny region in Italy with many different, vibrant colors mixing in the region.

Tuscany – Native Italian Flowers

Vanilla orchids, for example, are very popular in the region. 

The Dolomitic Alps

There are no traditional flowers in an Italian wedding bouquet. The bouquet is usually chosen by the bride and paid for by the groom.


What flowers to use for Italian wedding bouquet?

The national flower of Italy is the rose.

What is the national flower of Italy?

rose (Rosa), lilies (Gigli) ... 

What are the most popular flowers in Italy?

To end, Italy is home to many flower species that are usually used in traditional ways. Most Italian flower names can be traced in their literature, with many poets and writers using them as motives in their stories.


Native Italian Flowers