Native Italian Flowers – The Beauty of Italy

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If you’re researching about what are the most famous native Italian flowers to improve your garden, look no further. Italy is home to many, many flowers that have inexhaustible uses for both indoor and outdoor gardens. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the most common Italian flowers and how to use them!

Famous Italian Flowers

If you’re wondering what are the most popular flowers in Italy, know that there are literally hundreds of different species used in a variety of traditions in Italy!

Famous Italian Flowers


Yes, roses – arguably the most famous flowers in the world, are probably the most used flowers in Italy! They’re also the answer to the question, “What is the national flower of Italy?” Even though they don’t originate in Italy, they’re more popular there than anywhere else in the world.


Lilies are often used as decorations, especially in wedding bouquets and other celebratory purposes. They have an interesting tradition in Italy, as lilies of different colors are used for different things. For example, a lily usually symbolizes love and appreciation. However, a yellow lily symbolizes happiness, while white lilies symbolize modesty.


In case you never saw what Tuscany looks like, know that they don’t call it the Land of the Sunflower for no reason. Because of the intense sun in the region, sunflowers grow there with very little care! There are endless fields upon fields of these flowers in the region, and the flower has, with time, become a part of the region’s culture.


Oleanders grow in shrubs, and they’ve spread to other European countries as well. These flowers have to be cultivated carefully when preparing them for use, as they’re impossible to grow in a pot. However, they’re easy growers, they require very little maintenance, and they make beautiful decorations.

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Native Italian Flowers

Tuscany Poppies

As you can see, Tuscany is a very fertile ground for flowers. Poppies that grow there are distinctly dark red, and they can have up to 6 petals. Most locals see them as messengers of summer, as they usually start blooming at the beginning of May, telling us that summer will arrive soon.

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Traditional Italian Wedding Bouquet

Many people wonder what flowers to use for an Italian wedding bouquet. The tradition behind it is quite interesting – the groom is the one to pay for the bouquet, and he has to deliver it to the wife-to-be’s house on the morning of the wedding. However, he isn’t the one to choose the bouquet – that’s the bride’s job.

When it comes to the flowers you should use in a bouquet – there is no tradition there. If you really want to make a traditional Italian bouquet, use flowers that are most popular in Italy (roses, lilies, poppies, etc.).

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Must-Visit Flower Places in Italy

Italy is very rich when it comes to flowers, but some spots are better than others.

Campo De Fiori

This place in Rome is directly translated to “Field of Flowers”, and it’s located in the country’s capital. Because of this, it’s also one of Europe’s flowering capitals, as it hosts flowering events all year round!

There, you can find daffodils in many different varieties and colors, ranging from white to yellow and orange. This narcissus flower is especially popular in this region, and it can be grown very easily in containers and pots. The diversity of Italian flowers and plants doesn’t end there, though, as they also have dahlias and daisies growing in the garden!

Lastly, we have to mention chrysanthemums which are popular all around Italy but have a special spot in Campo de Fiori. These flowers are especially popular in the fall, as that’s their blooming season. Traditionally, Italians use them at funerals, as they’re considered small but accepted as tokens of comfort for the family of the deceased.


As mentioned before, Tuscany is an incredibly sunny region in Italy with many different, vibrant colors mixing in the region. The primary reason why gardeners are so successful in that region is because of sun exposure! Tuscany’s soil isn’t only fertile, but it’s also constantly exposed to the sun. That’s why Florence, which is the capital of the region of Tuscany, is also called “Flower City” or “City of Flowers”.

As we mentioned before, sunflowers are the most prominent species in this region. As the name suggests, these plants need a whole lot of sun, and Tuscany is one of the few regions where they can actually get enough sun. However, it’s not the only place in Italy that is rich in flowers!

The Dolomitic Alps

In the north, the Alps cover a part of Italy. These mountain ranges, aside from being popular ski spots, are also often visited because of their floral diversity! During the summer and the spring, when there’s less snow and more sun, these spots are filled with tourists who come looking for flowers.

Vanilla orchids, for example, are very popular in the region. This species of orchid dons the color of vanilla, obviously, but they’re not popular just because of their color. Some people use the heads of these flowers to make homemade vanilla flavoring which is safe to eat and is often added to desserts!

The Dolomitic Alps - Vanilla Orchids

We also must mention yellow alpine poppies, which are usually only found in very high-risk areas! They’re not endemic to Italian Alps, but they’re definitely popular there. As the name suggests, these poppies are yellow in color, and they need a lot of sunlight to grow properly! This flower is especially sought after as it doesn’t grow too long, and tourists can only see it for a limited amount of time!

Italian Flowers and Their Meanings

When looking at Italian flowers and their meanings, there are plenty of intriguing factors that surround them. According to Italian culture, most of the natives view flowers in very high regard. This is because each bloom has its own connotation, which includes a variety of contexts. It is used to express feelings of sympathy, gratitude, and love, hence its appearance at funerals, weddings, and some religious festivals. Below, we take a look at some of the most sought-after Italian flowers and their significance.

Meanings of Italian Flowers

Grasoli Italian Flowers

Is a sought-after bloom because of its meaning. This bloom signifies cheerfulness and happiness that is related to someone achieving an important goal or milestone. Therefore, the Grasoli bloom is often presented to friends and family who have newly graduated or other celebratory achievements.

Orchidea Italian Flower

Is commonly associated with love. This is especially true when it comes to Western culture. However, seeing the orchids come in a variety of colors, each one has its own special meaning. For instance, you can expect to receive a rose orchid on your 14th wedding anniversary as it symbolizes love and is, therefore, a traditional practice in Italy. White orchids, on the other hand, signify purity, so they are often used for wedding ceremonies. Cream orchids are also given as anniversary gifts and are significant to the 28th year of marriage.

I-Chirsantemi Italian Flower

Is symbolic of prosperity and celebration in most parts of the world aside from Italy. This is because chrysanthemum flowers are given as sympathy symbols for funerals are other depressing events. Crisantemi is relevant to ‘All Souls Day’, which is on the 2nd of November, as it signifies sorrow and loss. It is in full bloom during this time and is therefore reserved for moments of sadness.

Mimosa Italian Flower

Is a significant part of International women’s day which is on the 8th of March. For this season and since the 1950s, mimosa blooms have been presented to women in Italy and other countries that carry this custom. These include countries like Georgia, Albania, and Russia. On March 8th, women either receive a mimosa tree or bunches of these flowers in Italy and the said countries mentioned above.

Italian Flower Arrangements

Italian Flower Arrangements emit elegance and sophistication because of their breathtaking beauty. Amongst the Italian floral designs, sunflowers, lilies, and roses are among the most used blooms. However, if you have ever seen a floral arrangement from Italy, you would have noticed that most of the designs are incorporated with greenery. These include evergreens like eucalyptus, ivy, and ferns.

Tips to make your own Italian Flower Arrangements

  • Tip #1: According to the rule of thirds, flower stems should be cut according to the height of the vase. This means that your measurements should be precise so that your flowers sit a third or two above the vase height. In other words, a 10-inch vase should have an arrangement that is 30 inches in length.
  • Tip #2: Keep in mind that for bouquets and centerpieces for weddings, roses are the most commonly used because of their significance. This could mean that the flower arrangement includes red roses because it resembles love or pink ones as they stand for admiration and appreciation.

Italian Flower Arrangement

Italian Balcony Flowers

Italian balcony flowers can be seen all through the country as they offer an array of beauty to their surroundings. These prevalent blooms are a great way to enhance the significance of vibrant-colored flowers on balconies and windowsills, as is often seen in Italy. Amongst the most common flower choices for Italian balcony arrangements are marigolds, petunias, and geraniums.

However, the flower that is mostly grown on almost every balcony planter is geraniums. This is because these Italian flowers come in a variety of colors which include red, pink, and white. Geraniums are also very hardy plants and are, therefore, much easier to maintain.

Balcony flowers in Italy are also used because it dims noise from the outdoors and slows down any dust particles from entering the apartments. It also helps with cooling the air inside the home, and people often plant fresh herbs that are added to foods for enhanced flavor.

In Summation – Native Italian Flowers

To end, Italy is home to many flower species that are usually used in traditional ways. Most Italian flower names can be traced in their literature, with many poets and writers using them as motives in their stories. Today, Italy has developed branches of tourism focused solely on flowers and plants, which is something definitely worth exploring. It’s also home to many intricate species, such as the yellow alpine poppy and the sunflowers of Tuscany.


What flowers to use for Italian wedding bouquet?

There are no traditional flowers in an Italian wedding bouquet. The bouquet is usually chosen by the bride and paid for by the groom.

What is the national flower of Italy?

The national flower of Italy is the rose.

What are the most popular flowers in Italy?

The most popular flowers in Italy are the rose (Rosa), lilies (Gigli), oleanders (Oleandri), sunflowers (Girasoli) and Tuscan poppies (Papaveri Toscani). You'll notice that some Italian flowers names are quite similar in English.

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