Simple Ways To Protect My Aloe Plant From White Spots

There are several causes for discoloration in aloe plants, but don’t let that worry you. 

Why Do White Spots On Aloes Appear?

If you grow your aloe plant under too much sun, it will be affected little by little.

1. Exposure To Too Much Direct Sun

2. Limited Sun Exposure – White Spots On Aloes

The opposite of too much sun is fatal to this plant too.

a sudden change in temperature whether hot or cold can cause white spots on aloes.

3. Sudden Change In Temperature

Too much water is a problem for your aloe plant as it is will cause the leaves to become flaccid with white patches all over.

4. Too Much Water

5. Too Much Fertilizer – White Spots On Aloes

if you give your plant too much, you are not helping it but rather damaging it.

How To Eliminate The White Spots On Aloes

Ensure the soil you use for growing your aloe plant is well-drained and rich enough.

So you now know what it means to have white spots on aloes and how to eliminate them with ease.

Simple Ways To Protect My Aloe Plant From White Spots

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