The Best Ground Cover For Shaded Areas 

Most yards have at least one difficult spot that is challenging to get any vegetation to grow. It is either dry or shaded all year round. Such areas need good ground covering to ensure the soil is protected throughout the year.

What Exactly is a Ground Cover?

– Covers soil from either too hot or cold weather – Limit weed growth – Stabilizes slope areas – Adds texture and interest in your garden

– They act as living mulch shading the soil from weed growth – The cover provides visual beauty when most plants have died – They give shelter and food to winter beneficial insects and pollinators – The ground covers roots hold the soil together preventing soil erosion – They diffuse heavy rainfall before it hits the soil hard.

Why is it important to Have the Soil Covered All Year Long?

Lamium Plants: have silvery golden foliage that brightens up a shaded corner. Sweet Woodruff Plants: rare plants that thrive in deeply shaded areas. Ajuga Plants: pretty and comes in shades of maroon, green, bronze, white, pink, or purple.

Best Ground Cover for Shaded Areas that Are Easy to Manage

Bunchberry Plants: native plant from northern America. Hosta Plants: These are well-behaved plants that spread slowly. Garden Ferns: These plants reproduce from spores rather than from flowers and seeds.

Best Ground Cover for Shaded Areas that Are Easy to Manage

Bugleweed Plants: common cover which is very aggressive. Common Periwinkle Plants: fast-spreading vine comes with beautiful lavender/purple flowers Yellow Archangel Plant: It has bright yellow flowers that brighten a shaded spot in the landscape.

Best Ground Cover for Shaded Areas but Tough to Manage

Liriope Spicata Plants: commonly known as monkey grass. Spotted Deadnettle: ground cover that is evergreen and offers variegated leaves.

Best Ground Cover for Shaded Areas but Tough to Manage

Best Ground Cover For Dry Shaded Areas

Barrenroot plants: Bishops' heart is one of the best ground covers for dry shade. It can grow up to 18 inches with rose-colored flowers. They are both part of the barren roots family.

The Best Ground Cover For Shaded Areas That Stay Green Through The Year

With the above clear information, it is critical to choose the best ground cover for shaded areas with care. Go for plants that are easy to grow and contain because they will make your life easy as well. All the best in your choice and growth!