The Best Method To Repel Moles Away From Your Garden

Moles are enemies of your garden. Their presence and activities are not in the best interest of your garden and so they need to be repelled off, never to appear in your space anymore.

Here Are The Methods And How They Work

Trapping Baiting Gassing Repelling Use of Insecticides

This method involves the usage of traps to tame moles in your gardens. Mole traps come in three different forms. The harpoon, choker and scissor-jawed traps. The trio will do a perfect ...

#1 Trapping

With this method, the moles are being fed with a look alike invertebrate called a bait. They assume the form, shape and size of the worms or insects consumed by the moles but they are ...

#2 Baiting 

#3 Gassing

This method involves the usage of gas bombs. The chemicals in the gas bombs cause them to fume. This fume then seizes all of the oxygen available to the moles causing them to flee as ...

While the other two methods are to bring to the untimely death of the moles terrorizing your lawn and garden, this method is meant to scare them away. Some repellents work by sounds ...

#4 Repellents 

The use of insecticides is only effective if the moles can perceive and taste it. They are made with natural ingredients like mint, garlic, citronella oil and castor oil which is

#5 Insecticides

The Best Method To Repel Moles Away From Your Garden

The trapping methods is by far the most viable and effective means of curbing the excesses of moles in your garden.