The Differences Between Ladybug vs Asian beetle

The battle between ladybug vs Asian beetle is common among farmers who are trying to distinguish one from the other. They may both look similar but one helps you while the other is an unwanted insect.

What’s the Difference between Ladybug vs Asian Beetle?

Ladybugs – Native ladybugs primarily feed on aphids – Do not bite – Don’t seek warm shelter in winter – Have bright reddish-orange or red forewings – They have 13 or fewer spots on the forewings

Asian Beetle – Eat aphids and other pests including a native ladybug – They bite and leave a smelly liquid that affects people who have allergies or asthma – Invade warm homes during winter. ...

Both insects are predators to aphids that destroy vegetables, flowers, and fruits. But the native ladybug is the only insect that is beneficial. It only eats soft bodies plant pests like insect eggs or aphids that are laid on leaves. This ladybug is collected and sold as natural pest control for gardeners.

Which is Better for the Garden, Ladybug vs Asian Beetle?

How Can You Attract the Right Native Ladybug to Your Farm?

Stop raking the leaves on your farm. Ladybugs prefer the leaf litter even in winter, unlike the Asian beetle that goes for your warm house.

There is no quick fix for the Asian beetle invasion. You can contact a professional exterminator for expert guidance. In the meantime, you may use a few creative ways to keep them under control. ...

How To Handle Asian Beetle Infestation

Now that you can tell the difference between the two bugs, go ahead and attract the right ones and drop the bad ones.


The Differences Between Ladybug vs Asian beetle