Tomcat Mouse Poison Review – All You Need To Know

We have compiled a review of tomcat mouse poison that will enlighten you on the advantage of using poison to eliminate mice and rats.

How To Eliminate Rodents With Mouse Poison

Rodents need to be eliminated from the home and its surrounding areas.  There are so many options to do so but it can be quite difficult to know and choose the right method.

Tomcat comes to our rescue by manufacturing a full line of products that control rodents solving the issue efficiently and thoroughly.

Tomcat Products

Pros – Affordable price – under $30 for a whole 4-pound bucket – Unique block shape with edges preferred by rodents that like to gnaw ...

Tomcat Rat Poison Review

Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail – 4 Pounds Container

Cons – Not available in smaller packaging

Be sure you use rat stations when administering rat poison.  This is because rat poison is small enough for larger pets like cats and dogs to get into them.  This will keep your pets from ingesting the poison or coming into contact with either the poison or the dead rat.