What Causes Grass To Turn Yellow & How To Turn It Green

Who doesn’t like a green healthy lawn? But sometimes, there comes the problem of yellowing of grass. This will bring us to the question: what causes grass to turn yellow?

What is the Cause of Yellow Grass

The first thing you want to do is to identify what causes your grass to turn yellow. Below are some of the few reasons why your grass is turning yellow.

Nitrogen is essential for plants, but too much nitrogen can predispose your grass to turn yellow. Excess nitrogen can burn the root of your grass thereby changing the pH of the spoil.

Too Much Nitrogen

Too much heat can cause dehydration to your lawn thus causing it to stress out. This can cause patches of yellow grass to your lawn.

Hot Weather

How to Turn Yellow Grass Green Fast

Here are some things you can do to solve the yellowing of your grass.

Treat your infested grass with a good fungicide. Water at the right time i.e. morning time so the water gets to sink in and the rest evaporates during the rest of the day.

Disease and Watering

Keeping a healthy lawn is the key to avoiding the yellowing of grass. Maintaining a healthy green grass comes with dedication...

Yellow Spots on Grass- Additional Information

What Causes Grass To Turn Yellow & How To Turn It Green


Mow at the right time, water deeply and correctly removes excess grass clippings, and supply the right amount of fertilizers to your lawn.