What Do Beans Grow On? 

If there is one crop that is fun to grow in your garden, it’s the humble bean that grows easily with no much care, but what do beans grow on?

Immature pods (snap beans) Immature seeds (shell beans) Mature seeds (dry beans)  Beans Fall Into Two Categories Category 1 – The determinant type growth – These grow as a low bush  Category 2 – The indeterminant type – These grow with a vining habit requiring support, also known as pole beans.

Types Of Beans

What Do Beans Grow On?

Beans can grow in the garden or pots and planters. When growing them in the garden, raised beds are the best to use as you will have well-aerated soil than just in the garden.

How To Grow Beans

 Sowing.   Spacing.  Support.   Fertilizing.    Watering.  

For most gardeners, green beans remain one of the most favourite crops to grow and eat.  They are easy and quick to grow to make them a perfect vegetable for novice gardeners. 


What Do Beans Grow On?