What Does Ground Moles Eat?

When researching how to get rid of moles you should first identify what does ground moles eat to know what attracts them to your yard and how to stop them.

What Do Moles Eat?

Moles eat up insects of many varieties including those that inhabit the water with beetles being one of the most common insects in their diets.  They also eat the larvae of insects such as the caddisflies.

Use Castor Oil:  Moles don’t like the taste of castor oil plus this oil contaminates the ground for insects. Plant Deterring Flowers: Marigold and daffodils are some of the plants, which serve as natural mole deterrents. Use Household Items: Cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, or red pepper are some of the household items you should sprinkle in the mole’s tunnels.

How To Get Rid Of Moles

- Moles can dig tunnels as fast as 15 feet per hour. - Male moles are called boars and female are called sows - Although moles may resemble mice and rats they are not rodents.   - Its saliva contains toxins that paralyze worms and allows them to gather and store food for consumption at a later date. etc.

Ground Mole Facts

What Does Ground Moles Eat?

With all the knowledge about ground moles, you can still get rid of moles yourself or call a professional to help.  Do not allow them to destroy your lawn or garden