What Is Blue Death Mouse Poison?

Blue death mouse poison is commonly used to eliminate mice and rodents. Also known as rodenticides, it is highly toxic and effective.

What Is Blue Death Mouse Poison?

Generally, rat poison compiles anticoagulants, better known as blood thinners, responsible for more than 50% of rodenticide-related deaths each year.

Blue death is a method that uses mouse poison to eliminate them.  Poisons work well, especially when you are targeting many mice around the same area. 

What Is Blue Death? – Is It Related To Mouse Poison?

How Rat Poison Works

Almost all rodenticides in the market comprise anticoagulant compounds.  After the rat ingests this poison, it prevents blood from clotting resulting in excessive internal bleeding.

-Bromethalin is a neurotoxin causing cell death in the central and peripheral nervous systems.   -Anticoagulants cause internal bleeding that goes unnoticed for several days after exposure.  -Zinc Phosphide is a substance that turns into gas after consumption.  -Cholecalciferol is a form of vitamin D leading to calcium toxicity, heart failure, and kidney damage. -Strychnine is a compound that triggers severe seizures that inhibits breathing. 

Here’s How They Work

If you see rats living in your home, it’s best first to try to use natural deterrents like peppermint oil or rat traps before introducing rat poison.


What Is Blue Death Mouse Poison?