What Is The Best Fertilizer For A Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

Fiddle leaf figs are voracious eaters! With their large leaves, relatively fast growth, and towering size, they can deplete the soil in a matter of a few months. Because they’re contained in pots as house plants, their nutrient supply is not replenished like it is in the wild. To keep them healthy it is really important to regularly fertilize your fiddle leaf fig trees.

How To Choose The Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

1. Choose A Liquid Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer The best type of fiddle leaf fig fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer. This can blend well with the plant’s soil and allow easy absorption. It will also reduce the risk of burning your plant because  . . .

With a liquid fertilizer, you can simply mix the fertilizer with water and feed your plant consistently to maximize its growth and keep it healthy, especially during the spring and summer when your fiddle leaf fig will experience growth spurts!

How to Use A Liquid Fertilizer

2. Look For The Perfect N-P-K Ratio Fertilizers are mainly comprised of three major nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (along with various micronutrients that may vary from formula to formula). These chemicals are responsible for healthy foliage, root growth, and overall plant health.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is unique because you can use it every time you water, instead of having to remember to feed your fiddle leaf fig every few weeks or months. That way, you can ensure that your plant is getting the right amount of nutrients without accidentally over or underfeeding it. (And don’t underestimate the power of convenience here. The best fertilizer is one you’ll actually use!)

Recommended Ratio for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

Fiddle leaf figs love consistency, so don't introduce too many changes at once. You won't want to fertilize until a month or so after repotting them. Avoid fertilizing during the winter, but at any other time, make sure your plant is fed consistently.

Fertilizing Your New Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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What Is The Best Fertilizer For A Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

With an abundance of products available in stores, it can be confusing when choosing the right fertilizer for your plant. So let’s simplify the process by paying attention to the main details below.