What Vegetables Grow Well Together?

Growing certain vegetables, herbs, and flowers together will make them benefit from one another. This is by promoting healthy soil. While some other plants can even deter pests.

What Is Companion Planting

What vegetables grow well together will logically lead us to companion planting. Companion planting refers to the way plants grow well together or complement each other when planted side by side.

First, know where the family of the vegetables you want to plant come from so you will know what and what vegetables will grow well together. Then, you can go ahead to choose what type of complementary family vegetables to plant with the vegetables.

What Vegetables Grow Well Together? How To Go About Companion Planting

There Are Vegetables That Shouldn’t Be Planted Near Each Other

Vegetables also have their own likes and dislike. Vegetables have their own preferences when it comes to the type of plants planted together with them in the garden.

Green Beans – What Vegetables Grow Well Together? - Beans and corn will do well with each other as companion plants.  Tomatoes - A very good companion plant to tomatoes is basil.  Lettuce - To keep the slugs that feed on lettuce leaves away, plant mint alongside your lettuce plants. 

Companion Plants

Peppers – What Vegetables Grow Well Together? - A very good companion to peppers is basil. Cucumber - Marigolds and nasturtiums can help repel beetles and aphids around cucumbers, so it will be a good idea to plant them alongside cucumbers. Carrots - Companion plants: A very good companion plant for carrots is tomatoes. 

Companion Plants

We have listed some companion plants that can work together and benefit each other. So, if you are looking for a matching plant that can benefit your vegetables, do well to choose the appropriate companion plant.


What Vegetables Grow Well Together?