What Vegetables Grow Well Together?

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What vegetables grow well together? Do you have any idea? Well, you should be aware that combining different kinds of plants can either boost their production or reduce their production.

Cultivating gardens over many centuries has made humans realize that certain vegetables can be grown together successfully. It has also helped to know the type of plants that will prevent each other’s growth if planted together. In that case, it will be a good thing to know what vegetables grow well together.

Growing certain vegetables, herbs, and flowers together will make them benefit from one another. This is by promoting healthy soil. While some other plants can even deter pests.

A nice garden plan for a more bountiful harvest of crops of various types is what companion plants will bring about. So, let’s dive into more details about what vegetables grow well together.

What Is Companion Planting

What vegetables grow well together will logically lead us to companion planting. Companion planting refers to the way plants grow well together or complement each other when planted side by side.

From one season after season and year after year, they are being planted in the same garden area to help reduce issues of insects and diseases. Simply put “companion planting helps to enhance the successful planning of your garden”.

What Is Companion Planting

What Vegetables Grow Well Together? How To Go About Companion Planting

There are certain procedures that need to be acknowledged and taken seriously when venturing into companion planting.

First, know where the family of the vegetables you want to plant come from so you will know what and what vegetables will grow well together. Then, you can go ahead to choose what type of complementary family vegetables to plant with the vegetables.

Let’s take cabbage for example. Under the cabbage family, the vegetables that can be planted together with cabbage are vegetables under the green leafy vegetable family as well as beets.

Another vegetable that will make a good companion with cabbage is Mint. The flavor of the cabbages can be improved with mint as a companion plant.

There are also herbs that can be grown as companion plants, which can help chase away pests. Any member of the cabbage family can be planted together with the aforementioned companion plants.

It will help improve the production of yields and also resistance to diseases. The members of the cabbage family include cabbage, kale, broccoli, and more.

There Are Vegetables That Shouldn’t Be Planted Near Each Other

Vegetables also have their own likes and dislike. Vegetables have their own preferences when it comes to the type of plants planted together with them in the garden.

So, endeavor to know what type of vegetables will grow well together when planted, before you go into companion planting.

Let’s take a look at garden friends of some of the commonly known vegetables that can be grown together.

Companion Plants

Below are examples of vegetables that grow well together:

Green Beans – What Vegetables Grow Well Together?

Beans and corn will do well with each other as companion plants. This is because there will be no need to build a trellis for your beans, as they will grow up the stalk. Another thing is that nitrogen-fixing in the soil, which is what beans do, is beneficial to the corn.

Companion plants for green beans like rosemary, marigolds, nasturtiums, and summer savory repel bean beetles also enhance the flavor and the growth rate of the corn plants.

There are more companion plants that will also do well by the corn are Brussels sprout, broccoli as well as the other vegetables under the cabbage family with potatoes, cucumbers, peas, and radishes.


A very good companion plant to tomatoes is basil. And they don’t only complement each other in sauces, they do when planted alongside each other also. Basil helps improve yield production in tomatoes and also deters insects like flies and mosquitoes.

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Another good companion to tomatoes is marigolds. This is because they repel garden pests like nematodes and other types of garden pests. There are other companion plants to tomatoes and they are lettuce, spinach, asparagus, celery, carrots, plants under the onion family, and many others.


To keep the slugs that feed on lettuce leaves away, plant mint alongside your lettuce plants. Also, to repel aphids around your lettuce, you can plant chives and garlic.

Other examples of good companion plants to lettuce are corn, beans, broccoli, carrots, radishes, peas, and marigolds. A unique thing about marigolds is that they are attractive to aphid-eating ladybugs.

Peppers – What Vegetables Grow Well Together?

A very good companion to peppers is basil. This is because it helps to repel pests like spider mites, aphids, flies, and mosquitoes. It also enhances the flavor of the peppers. More companion plants to peppers are spinach, tomatoes, and onions.


Marigolds and nasturtiums can help repel beetles and aphids around cucumbers, so it will be a good idea to plant them alongside cucumbers. Other companion plants to cucumbers are celery, corns, beans, lettuce, peas, dill, and radishes.


Companion plants: A very good companion plant for carrots is tomatoes. Tomatoes will help repel pests affecting carrots with the help of a natural insecticide that it produces which is called “solanine”.

Some tomato plants can provide shade for carrot plants as they are sensitive to heat.

Hence, they complement each other well. Carrot is not the only one benefiting from this co-habitual relationship.

Companion Planting - Carrots and Tomatoes

Carrot is also beneficial to tomatoes by improving aeration in the soil surrounding the roots of the tomato plants.

This way, more air, and water will be able to reach the roots of the tomato plants. Leeks and carrots will also do well with each other with the help of leeks repelling carrot flies.

Conclusion On What Vegetables Grow Well Together?

We have listed some companion plants that can work together and benefit each other. So, if you are looking for a matching plant that can benefit your vegetables, do well to choose the appropriate companion plant.


What vegetables grow well together in containers?

Companion planting in containers is also possible so you can surely find a suitable plant that complements your vegetable. One good combination for container gardens is beans to complement squash or corn.

What vegetables grow well together in raised beds?

Some of the best vegetables that grow well together in raised beds include onions and garlic with tomatoes.

What vegetables should you not grow together?

Plants that tend to compete with the same nutrient should not be grown together. For example, tomatoes and potatoes do are incompatible.

What vegetables grow well together in a garden?

Examples of vegetables that grow well together in a garden are tomatoes and carrots, beans and corn, onions and carrots, and so on.

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