When Do Dianthus Bloom

When does Dianthus bloom and do all of the species flowers at the same season or do some flowers at a different time?  This is one question that most gardeners seek answers to...

The Dianthus Bloom Time

Dianthus produce breathtaking blooms all summer long but not every species and cultivars have an extended bloom period.  Some popular Dianthus types bloom from spring through fall in cooler areas...

When calculating the Dianthus bloom season, you must keep your own regional climate in mind. Carnations and Sweet William are cool-season plants but can still do well in hotter areas...

The Dianthus Blooming Season

1. Annual Dianthus 2. Biennial Varieties 3. Allwood Pinks 4. Dianthus Perennial Varieties The common perennials include: 1. First Love 2. Arctic Fire 3. Firewatch 4. Rose de Mai

Dianthus Flowers Varieties

Annual Dianthus

They include the Dianthus Chinesis or Chinese Pinks

D. barbatus is the common Sweet William and a good biennial with double and single flowers and the ability to reseed itself.

Biennial Varieties

D. x allwoodii are long-lasting with flowering extending at least eight weeks. They mostly double flower and come in two sizes – 3 to 6 inches and 10-18 inches tall.

Allwood Pinks

When Do Dianthus Bloom

Dianthus comes in all sizes and shapes, including the miniature varieties forming a tight little lump of foliage and blooms.  The giant species reach up to 3 feet tall with no basal foliage...