When Do Dianthus Bloom – A Guide

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When does Dianthus bloom and do all of the species flowers at the same season or do some flowers at a different time?  This is one question that most gardeners seek answers to.

Dianthus flowers (Dianthus spp.) are also called pinks.  They belong to the same family as carnations and characterized as spicy by the fragrance of their bloom. Dianthus plants are classified as hardy annuals, biennial or perennial, and commonly grown among the borders or potted plants.

The Dianthus genes contain hundreds of different species and cultivars of the Dianthus flowers.  These genes grow to different heights of about 36 inches high and each has its own bloom season.

The popular Dianthus flowers growing in cooler locations bloom all summer and could have a different schedule if growing in hotter areas.

The Dianthus Bloom Time

Dianthus produce breathtaking blooms all summer long but not every species and cultivars have an extended bloom period.  Some popular Dianthus types bloom from spring through fall in cooler areas.

Sweet Williams is one of the popular Dianthus species that has a beautiful bloom.  It grows up to 24 inches tall and produces dense flat-topped flower clusters in shades of pink, red and white.

The Dianthus Bloom Time

Some sweet William cultivars offer compact plants blooming with double flowers of contrasting colors.  If you plant them in prior autumn, you will get bloom in spring that can stay through the first frost.  This species is grown as annuals in Missouri and other chilly regions.

However many Dianthus varieties reseed themselves every year.  That means they re-grow after spring.  Cultivars with double flowers do not necessarily re-grow true to form.

The Dianthus Blooming Season

When calculating the Dianthus bloom season, you must keep your own regional climate in mind. Carnations and Sweet William are cool-season plants but can still do well in hotter areas.

Dianthus is bound to bloom from May to the first frost of Missouri but the opposite is true in balmy climes. The Dianthus growing in Florida do not have the same schedule in other states.  Gardeners usually plant in October and allow the plants to blossom all winter and spring.  They finally stop flowering when it gets hot in the month of May.

The pinks are the most popular types of Dianthus flowers for backyards and garden beds.  The hybrids bred from these pinks are common and popular among the gardeners here.  These plants have gray-green foliage with small flowers produced in many different shades including lavender, salmon, and hot pink.  Some cultivars are frilled or double while others are very fragrant.

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Dianthus Flowers Varieties

Dianthus comes in a variety of species that we will look at below.  There is a dianthus plant for every garden in each region.

  • Annual Dianthus – They include the Dianthus Chinesis or Chinese Pinks

  • Biennial Varieties – D. barbatus is the common Sweet William and a good biennial with double and single flowers and the ability to reseed itself.

  • Allwood Pinks – D. x allwoodii are long-lasting with flowering extending at least eight weeks. They mostly double flower and come in two sizes – 3 to 6 inches and 10-18 inches tall.

  • Dianthus Perennial Varieties – Cheddar (D. gratianopolitanus), Cottage (D. plumarius), and Grass pinks (D. armeria).  This dianthus has foliage that is blue-gray in color with each bloom adorning a rainbow of colors.

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The Perennials are more popular and they adorn lovely and fragrant flowers.  The common perennials include:

  • First Love –  They have repeat blooms that are white, pink, blossoming at the same time.

  • Arctic Fire –  This dianthus features the contrasting eye common with the biennial varieties and does well in hardy zone 3.

  • Firewatch –  This hot pink variety has been cultivated since 1957 and its popularity is still growing.

  • Rose de Mai – This is a very fragrant heirloom with lilac flowers often used in perfumes.


Dianthus comes in all sizes and shapes, including the miniature varieties forming a tight little lump of foliage and blooms.  The giant species reach up to 3 feet tall with no basal foliage.

As these plants are growing, you might get dead spots in the center of the foliage, which means it’s time to divide the plant and re-plant to encourage new growth and remove the older dead foliage.

Dianthus flowers are variable and loved by everyone.  They have interesting patterns and colors with larger botches of deep reds or rings of color on the outside petals.

It is hard not to love these flowers and if you are a flower person the dianthus will blow your mind away with their beauty. You can go ahead and start your own flower garden this time with a little knowledge.

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