When Do Irises Bloom? – The Right Time

Irises are the easiest perennial flowers to grow and they bloom early but when do irises bloom for real – the exact month or season? 

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When Do Iris Bloom?

There are hundreds of bearded rebloomers registered with the American Iris Society in the past few years. Many are all-season bloomers while some bloom in different seasons.

There are two or more varieties of iris that bloom a couple of times per year.  If you notice gardens blooming throughout the year, they have several varieties that extend the bloom in different periods of the year.

How Many Times Do Irises Bloom Per Year?

Sometimes it is true irises may not bloom at all.  Bearded, Asian, classic, or designer, these flowers are a beauty to grow in your garden.  They provide a long-term display of tall, glorious sword-like leaves and boldly featured blooms.

Why If My Irises Do Not Bloom?

When Do Irises Bloom? – The Right Time

The irises will bloom well if you plant them in well-drained moist soils for bearded irises to water-logged where you find Japanese irises.