When Is Okra Ready To Pick? – An Overview

So with your okra plant is thriving and starting to flower, but when is okra ready to pick, and how do you harvest it?

When Is Okra Ready To Pick?

Okra is ready to pick when it has grown up to at least 2 to 3 inches long.

After planting your choice of okra variety, it grows fast.  On approaching maturity, pods begin to form a few days after flowering.

When Do The Pods Form?

Congratulations on growing your own okra this far.  You now have a ready crop that is ready for harvesting. How do you harvest your okra? Wear gloves to help you handle the pods as little as possible.  This prevents skin irritation and softening the okra before use ...

How To Pick Your Ready Okra

Saving Seeds For The Next Planting Season

Instead of eating all the okra, you may want to save some pods from growing into seed. Harvest your okra when they are fully mature and almost dry.

Okra is a yummy dish and can be used with a variety of dishes.  It is well known as an ingredient for gumbo which is common among many homes.

Enjoying Ready Okra

Okra is loved by people across the world.  It has a delicate taste and crunch of the pods and a slimy texture that is easy to do away with.