When To Apply Fertilizer To Vegetable Garden

When attempting home gardening, it’s crucial to know when to apply fertilizer to your vegetable garden so you can get a perfect harvest at the end of the season.

When To Fertilize Vegetable Garden

The best time to start preparing your vegetable garden is 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. Springtime is ideal for most crops.

We consume food every day but still go for supplements to replenish what we’re missing. Think of fertilizer as a supplement for your vegetables. 

What’s Vegetable Garden Fertilizer?

How To Fertilize Vegetable Garden

The first approach is to apply fertilizer to the soil in which you’re transplanting your vegetables.

You should apply liquid fertilizer to your vegetable garden at least two weeks after planting. Water the vegetable plant completely and then use the diluted fertilizer.

Liquid Vs. Granular Fertilizer

Many gardeners use various fertilizers during the season. There are liquid, dry, and water-soluble kinds. 

The Best Fertilizer For Your Vegetable Garden

Organic fertilizer is not a new invention. Think of compost, manure, fish emulsion. 

Organic Fertilizers

Synthetic or processed fertilizers are made out of mineral rocks.

Processed Fertilizers

Test your soil before fertilizing. Contact your local cooperative extension, and they will guide you through the process. Soil tests are affordable and even free in some states.

Vegetable Garden Fertilization Do’s & Don’ts

A vegetable garden requires frequent fertilization with organic or processed fertilizer. You need to apply a small amount when you plant the vegetables in spring and a larger quantity during the growing season.


When To Apply Fertilizer To Vegetable Garden