When To Cut Back Spiderwort – The Right Time

It is critical for every gardener to learn when to cut back spiderwort to allow it time to heal, regrow and bloom again.

When To Cut Back Spiderwort

Cutting back spiderwort encourages them to bloom again before the season is over. 

In late fall and early winter, the spiderwort growth slows down, and the flowering stops.

Dormant Season Spiderwort Cut Back

Spiderwort Companion Plants

You can grow several plants together with spiderwort.  They include:

Lady’s mantle looks magnificent in the garden and the vase. 

Lady’s Mantle

Coreopsis is one of the longest bloomers in the garden producing sunny yellow daisy-like flowers that attract butterflies.  


These vibrant growing flowers are beautiful additions to your garden. 


Spiderwort produces charming continuous blooms and requires relatively straightforward care. This plant grows in clumps making it ideal for the edges of your garden.

Spiderwort Cut And Regrow Car

Spiderwort is not overly fussy, but it loves sunlight. 


Spiderwort can grow in any soil condition as long as it is well-draining and moist. 


Spiderwort is a drought-tolerant plant.


When it comes to temperature and humidity conditions, spiderwort is not a picky plant. 

Temperature In Humidity

If you are trying to grow spiderwort indoors, it is best to fertilize it. You can apply a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month to any spiderwort potted plant.


Whether you want it as a houseplant or landscaping, there is a lot to love about spiderwort.


When To Cut Back Spiderwort – The Right Time