When To Plant Blackberry Bush

The nutritious edible blackberry will be a great addition to your diet. Therefore, planting one in your garden is not a bad idea. Are you wondering when to plant blackberry bush?

Types of Blackberry Bush

The types of blackberries are:

Erect Blackberry: the erect blackberry does not require any support. They have thorny canes and they grow upright. The berries they yield are large, tasty berries. They are more winter hardy.

Trailing Blackberry: the trailing blackberry variety which may be thorns or thornless will need a trellis for support. They are not as winter hardy as the erect blackberry.

The best time to plant your blackberry bush is in early spring. Also, you should plant when the canes are dormant. You can plant blackberry bush a month to the last frost in your area.

When To Plant Blackberry Bush

It’s easy to grow blackberry bush. However, gardeners who are in the colder region have to worry about caring for blackberry bush during winter.

Care for Blackberry Bush in Winter


Early spring is the best time to plant a blackberry bush. Plant blackberry bush when the canes are dormant. Select the right variety of blackberry bush that fits the weather conditions in your region ....