Where Is The Best Place To Plant Raspberries

If you choose the best place to plant raspberries, you are assured of a bountiful harvest year after year with proper care...

Choosing The Best Place to Plant Raspberries

Raspberries do well in a sunny area but unlike many other fruits, they still do well in a partly shaded area. But the more sun, the more fruit you harvest...

1. Ever-bearing Raspberries 2. Summer-fruiting Raspberries

Types Of Raspberries

also known as fall-bearing or autumn bearing produces fruits on new canes. This variety bears a fall crop and can also produce fruit the following summer.

Ever-bearing Raspberries

Summer-fruiting Raspberries

these are more common and develop their fruit depending on last year’s growth. They bear only one harvest per season during summer time – June or July.

-Before planting, you need to soak the roots for at least an hour or two -Dig a hole that is big enough for the roots to spread well. If you are planting many bushes, dig a trench for easier planting. -Keep the crown of the plant about 1 to 2 inches above the ground whether you are planting potted plants or bare root...

How To Grow Raspberries

Watering: Water your plants 1 inch per week from spring until after you harvest. Regular watering is preferred over infrequent deep watering. Mulching: To preserve soil moisture and suffocate weeds, mulch your plants. Keep a thick layer of mulch surrounding your plants at all times...

Raspberry Bush Care

Where Is The Best Place To Plant Raspberries

Now that you know how to grow raspberries, go ahead and exercise your knowledge.  Sometimes the best teacher is the practical application.