Why Are Your Bird Of Paradise Plant Leaves Curling?

The bird of paradise is a popular plant in warmer tropical zones that can supply the right environment for the large, glossy leaves and unique blooms.

Bird Of Paradise Leaves Curling: What Should It Look Like?

People often enjoy the bird of paradise because of its exotic appearance. Also called the crane flower, the bird of paradise is distinct because of its long, spiked leaves and orange and blue flowers.

If you don’t identify the source of the problem, then you have little to no chance of returning your bird of paradise plant back to health. Consider all factors, including the possibility of pests or the simple explanation of a poor environment. Make gradual changes and check on the health of the plant each day to see if it improves.

Identifying the Source of the Problem

Pests and Disease Bird of paradise plants are susceptible to numerous pests and diseases. If the leaves are curling, it could be a sign of an invasion by mites. Perhaps the most common is the spider mite, which will weave weblike structures between the leaves and petals. 

Wrong Location Because the bird of paradise plant is meant for tropical climates, it can suffer when brought to the wrong plant hardiness zone. This flower is best suited to USDA plant hardiness zones 10 and 11, and it will struggle in anything colder.

Poor Soil Quality The bird of paradise is surprisingly tolerant of a broad range of soil types. To have it struggling based on the soil is a rare issue, but more common when the plant has been planted. As a tropical flower, the bird of paradise prefers nutrient-rich, well-draining soil in an area or container that allows for adequate root growth. 

Not Enough or Too Much Water Finally, make sure you giving the bird of paradise enough water! Many gardeners underestimate just how much moisture these tropical flowers require. Ensure the soil around the flower is always damp during the spring and summer. 

Why Are Your Bird Of Paradise Plant Leaves Curling?

It is remarkably common to experience leaves curling on a bird of paradise plant. While these flowers are quite hardy, they still need to have their needs met. Ensure you are supplying adequate sunlight, moisture, and soil quality.