Yay Or Nay On Watering Globes: Are They Really Worth It?

Watering plants is essential to maintain them in living conditions. When we start gardening, we either overwater or underwater and kill our plants.

Are watering globes worth it?

No. They are a gimmick. That said there are a few places where they can be useful.

Succulent plants that require very low rates of water application can benefit from these if you are a very forgetful person.

Are watering globes good for all plants?

No. They have different rates of water delivery, and you will have to measure your plants water consumption by watering by hand.

As an example, if you find your plant needs a cup of water every week, and you give it a globe that delivers a cup over two weeks.

Features Of The Best Watering Globes

The best watering globes for plants are those which have a small footprint and do not require a lot of space.

Again, there are many ways each of us is different and I know people who use watering globes and have amazing plants!!

Yay Or Nay On Watering Globes

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