When To Plant Gladiolus

Do you know when to plant gladiolus? In this guide, we will cover all you need to know about the periods to plant gladiolus so read on to find out.

Gladiolus is a lovable plant. It is a perennial plant and it is specifically recognized for its tall flower projections. The gladiolus also features a colorful bloom with an amazing summer shine.

Most people grow gladiolus for the benefit of cut flowers. Their blooms are available in various colors. You will definitely enjoy growing one in your garden as gladiolus will be a great addition to your flower garden.

When to Plant Gladiolus

Just because gladioli are pretty tender, they cannot thrive in harsh conditions or too cold weather such as winter. For this reason, the best time to plant gladiolus is when the hazard time of frost has elapsed. Also, plant them when the environment is warming up.

Planting Gladiolus

Make sure the temperature is at least 13 degrees Celsius before you begin planting as gladiolus loves warm weather. Grow gladiolus corms in the spring period just around your last frost date.

Gladiolus can take about 60 to 90 days to bloom based on the varieties of gladiolus you choose. If you want to enjoy nonstop or continuous blooms throughout summer and early fall: You should plant gladioli corms every ten days or every two weeks from your last frost date to early summer.

Gladiolus Protection During Winter

The majority of the gladiolus varieties are hardy zone 7, thus, you can leave your plant in the ground over winter. As for region that is colder than zone 7, plant your gladiolus in the spring period exactly after the date of your last frost.

When its late fall and winter, your gladiolus corms should be dug out and stored. This is to prevent frost danger as the plant can become damaged with hard freeze conditions. This way, your gladiolus will take some time off for a couple of months and start afresh growing period in the next spring period.

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Try to store the gladiolus corms in plastic mesh bags in a space with good air circulation. Also, store them where the temperature is about 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help keep the gladiolus corms steady for another beautiful bloom season.

Summary on When to Plant Gladiolus

In summary, let’s take a look at some points we have discussed above:

  • Gladiolus loves warm environment so the best time to plant gladiolus is from springtime up until fall.
  • They cannot thrive in harsh conditions such as winter.
  • Plant gladiolus only when the temperature is at least 13 degrees Celsius.
  • Enjoy continuous bloom throughout summer and early fall by planting gladiolus every 2 weeks from your last frost to early summer.
  • Dig out gladiolus corms and store them during winter to prevent frost dangers.
  • Also, store your gladiolus in a well-ventilated space with a temperature of about 35 to 50 degrees Celsius.


With that said, we do hope you have an idea of when to plant gladiolus. Comment below if you still have some questions.


Can gladiolus bulbs be planted in the fall?

Gladiolus bulbs can be planted in the fall, but it is best if they are planted in the spring as they will grow bigger and faster as well as bloom earlier. They will also need less water than when they are planted during other seasons.

Should I soak gladiolus bulbs before planting?

Many gardeners plant gladiolus bulbs in the ground. However, it is best to soak the bulbs for at least 24 hours before planting them. The soaking process softens the soil around the bulb and helps it grow better.

How do you plant gladiolus bulbs in the ground?

Gladiolus bulbs are a popular flower to plant in the ground. These flowers come up all year long and can provide you with a lot of beautiful blooms that last for weeks or even months at a time! While planting gladiolus bulbs, it is important to note that they need to be planted deeper than 2 inches in order for them to grow their roots properly.

Do gladioli come back every year?

Yes, gladioli do usually come back every year, but not all plants can do that. Some plants only have one season of blooming, and others live for many years without repeat blooming periods.

Will gladiolus bulbs multiply?

The answer is yes. Gladiolus plants are easy to grow in a garden and will produce more than one bulb for each flower. They will also flower during the first season after planting.

How many years do gladiolus bulbs last?

Gladiolus bulbs are one of the most popular flowers to grow in home gardens. They are also used for commercial purposes such as in floral arrangements and bouquets. In the wild, they last 2-3 years and can live up to 10 years in pots.

If they get watered properly, they will live a long life but if they don't get enough water, their lifespan can be shortened considerably.

What do you do with gladioli when they have finished flowering?

Gladioli are happy flowers that bloom in the spring. They can be used in arrangements, bouquets, and flower vases. When they have finished flowering, it is time to get rid of them. Some people use them to grow other plants like dahlias or marigolds

Can you plant gladiolus in the shade?

Gladiolus is typically planted indoors in containers or in the garden. The flowers will not flower until they are exposed to sunlight. This is because gladiolus needs light to thrive.

Can you grow gladioli in pots?

Yes, you can grow gladioli in pots. The only issue is that they need sunlight to thrive.

How cold is too cold for gladiolus?

Gladiolus is a popular flower that is grown in various regions of the world. However, there are some regions with climates unsuitable for growing gladiolus. In these regions, growers use methods to protect the plants from cold weather.

For a given region, growers have different opinions on what is too cold for gladiolus. For example, some growers in Portugal say that temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit are too cold for the plant to grow efficiently. Conversely, some growers in Latin America don't care about high temperatures and say the plant can thrive in any temperature as long as it doesn't get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gladiolus can be grown outside of its climate range even though it might not thrive there often. With proper precautions and good timing of planting Gladiolus should survive.