When is Sweet Corn Ready to Pick

When Is Sweet Corn Ready To Pick

Gardening offers you the benefits of enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the comfort of your home. Sweet corn is a good example of this benefit. It may be quite easy to tell when to pick some fruits based on their looks and feel, but are you able to determine when is sweet corn ready to pick?

As opposed to other fruits, you might not be able to determine if sweet corn is ready to pick from the outside appearance. You may need to have a closer look to tell if sweet corn is ready to be picked.

We will be giving you some tips on how to tell when sweet corn is ready to pick. So let’s begin.

When is Sweet Corn Ready to Pick

First things first, ensure for each variety of your corn, you know the number of days until harvest time. Your corn is ready for harvesting when you count 20 days from when the silk first appears at the top of the corn ear.

Sweet Corn Ready to Pick

Signs to Know Your Sweet Corn is Ripe

To know when sweet corn is ready to pick, do this: Take a look at what the tassel at the top of the corn ear looks like. The tassel consists of the silk of the corn. This is the part of the plant that bears and receives pollen.

When the corn silk is fertilized by the tassels at the top of the stalk, they get wrinkled and the ears develop. The kernels of the sweet corn start to ripe. Simultaneously the corn silk turns from light blond color to dark brown.

When the silk of the corn becomes brown throughout the entire silk, your corn is ripe.

To be more certain your sweet corn is ready to be picked, do this: Open the husk just a little or cut a small vertical line into the husk’s ear. Take a glance at the kernels, look for tightly filled kernels.


Make sure you see the kernels are tightly filled from the base of the bottom of the corn ear to the top of the plant. Also, puncture your fingernails into the kernels. The liquid that comes out should be milky, they should not watery.

When you notice all these signs, your sweet corn is definitely ready to be picked.

Note: while you are trying to open and check the husk of the corn, make the cut small to prevent pests from entering.

How to Pick Your Sweet Corn

The best time to harvesting your sweet corn is early in the morning. To pick your corn correctly, simply grip the ear of your corn firmly. With your thumb at the top of your corn’s ear and your other fingers at the bottom of the corn’s ear. Twist and pull the corn. Your sweet corn will snap out of its stalk easily.


Harvest all your sweet corn when it’s milky. Pick as much sweet corn as you can eat. Store the rest in a tight plastic bag inside your refrigerator.

You should also pull up your corn stalk right after harvesting. You can cut the stalks into pieces and add them to the compost pile.