When Is The Best Time To Transplant Roses

When Is The Best Time To Transplant Roses

The sweet soft roses are classified as tender plants. As such, when it comes to transplanting rose, you need to handle them with care. You should also know the appropriate time to transplant your roses. So when is the best time to transplant roses?

Best Time to Transplant Roses

Your sweet roses might be growing in an unfriendly environmental condition and you might not be so happy about it. Or perhaps you simply want to change the location of your lovely rose to a better place: As it may be struggling to get more sunlight.

Then you will most likely need to transplant your existing roses. Timing is everything. Transplanting should be done the right way and at the right time for a successful result.

Best Time to Transplant Roses

The best time to transplant roses is in early spring when the plant is still dormant. Roses are very sensitive to shock. Therefore moving or transplanting them while they are still dormant is advised. Their dormancy period is usually in late winter or early spring.

You need to ensure all dangers of freezing weather or frost is gone before transplanting your roses. Furthermore, you should ensure the soil is moderately warm.

Can You Transplant Roses in the Fall?

The times might come when the nature of the garden climate in your area might dictate if you should transplant in the fall or spring.

If the climate in your zone is warmer, transplanting your roses during fall won’t be a bad idea. On the other hand, if your zone is cooler, you can find it more comforting to transplant in spring.

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Transplanting Roses During Growing Season

Roses can as well be transplanted during its growing season. This is known as non-dormant transplanting.

Just make sure you water your rose with the appropriate amount of water and water deeply. By doing this, you would have ensured all the cells are saturated and it will make transplanting easier.

You should also prune out all the dried and dead parts of your rose plant before digging out your plant.

More Information on Roses Transplant

As you dig out or unpot your rose, ensure you transplant the roses back into the soil immediately. Don’t let your rose sit out for too long as it can make the root get dry.

As we said earlier, roses are tender, and sitting it out for too long might make them go into shock. This can make your rose have a hard time recovering after your transplant.


We do hope this guide has been able to enlighten you on when is the best time to transplant roses.

In summary, let’s outline a few things we discussed above:

  • The best time to transplant roses is in early spring.
  • It is advisable to transplant when your rose plants are still dormant.
  • Make sure all the dangers of frost or freezing weather has passed before transplanting.
  • You can as well transplant your roses during fall. Just ensure you water in the root of your rose.
  • After uprooting your rose, transplant immediately. Don’t allow the root to sit out for too long to avoid shock.