How Long Does Creeping Phlox Bloom

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Creeping phlox (Phlox subulata) is an ideal vibrant ground cover phlox for your rocky gardens. The soft pastel shades of blooming creeping phlox will bring a welcoming sight to your garden.

The creeping phlox is a native of central and eastern United States and they are perennial. The vibrant semi-evergreen creeping phlox will bloom beautifully in any tough place.

However, one question that may come to your mind is: How long does creeping phlox bloom? Read on for the answer to this question.

Get to Know How Long Creeping Phlox Bloom

Creeping phlox will mostly bloom vigorously for 3 to 4 weeks around middle spring till late spring. They can probably hold on to their blooms for more than a month.

They might even sustain their blooms for up to 6 weeks if the temperature is cool and friendly in your area. However, they will only bloom for no more than 6 weeks.

Get to Know How Long Creeping Phlox Bloom

Around April to June, they will radiate their bright hues of color giving that stunning impression to your garden. Their bloom colors are delicate pink, white, dark red, or bluish-purples.

On the other hand, the garden phlox will bloom around July all through middle September and develop into 4 feet of some wonderful colors. Therefore, they bloom during summer in all zones where they are grown.

Creeping Phlox Flowering In the Summer

During summer, the bloom may start to give some brownish discoloration.

Not to worry, that’s only part of their developmental stage. This means their bloom season is over because they don’t flourish too much during summer. For this reason, don’t place the young plant in a very hot location, their location should be partly sunny.

However, once your creeping phlox are fully established, they can withstand dry hot exposure even better than other phlox varieties.

Mountain Phlox Flower Seeds

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Creeping phlox is best planted in the ground rather than any container. This is because they spread their blooms 24 to 28 inches outwards cascading gorgeously.

When their blooming season is over, they will turn into a short green ground cover plant. Have in mind that they are zone 3 plants, therefore they are winter hardy.

Creeping Phlox Care To Ensure Continuous Bloom

Your creeping phlox will need some special care for you to enjoy continuous blooms every spring.

  • Apply some mulch and a layer of compost to prevent weeds.
  • Keep the soil of your plant moist especially during the hot periods.
  • You can trim the stem after flowering to encourage a second bloom. You might as well need to cut the plant 2 inches down to encourage the renewal of the young stem.
  • Creeping phlox is usually affected by powdery mildew. Therefore, ensure you divide your plant often for aeration to reduce or prevent this disease from affecting your creeping phlox.


Does creeping phlox bloom all summer?

Creeping phlox is a popular garden plant that is often mistaken for ground ivy. It is a herbaceous perennial plant with leaves that are covered in white hairs and have round stems with hairy at the ends.

Creeping phlox is a flowering perennial that typically blooms from April to November, but can sometimes bloom year-round if it's kept in moist or shady areas of your garden, or if it's kept indoors.

Creeping phlox is a low-growing plant, so it doesn't have a large impact on its environment. The timing of when it blooms is determined by factors such as the amount of available sunlight, temperature, and soil moisture.

How do you keep creeping phlox blooming all summer?

This is a question that many gardeners ask themselves. There are two different ways to go about this, one being the easiest and the other being a more complicated and labor-intensive process.

To keep creeping phlox blooming all summer, you can use a variety of methods:

1) Locate your phlox in a well-drained spot. If you have rocks or gravel in your garden, place them near the plants for extra drainage.

2) Place a layer of mulch around your plant to stop weeds from getting to it before it flowers

3) Place milkweed leaves around the plant to feed it with nectar and pollinators like bees will likely be attracted 4) Water your plants once every week or fortnight if they have been planted in well

Creeping phlox can be found in moist areas of the wild where they grow among ground covers such as rushes, sedges, and mosses. They need a shallow layer of partially-drained soil so they can get enough nutrients from their roots. They will grow into an attractive tangle of flowers if they are planted in well-drained soil and watered regularly, and this is essential to consider if you want to enjoy their bloom.

Does creeping phlox bloom more than once?

Yes, it does! This plant has a very low bloom-to-flower ratio and blooms only once a year in the springtime. However, they can be seen blooming in early fall as well.
Many people have asked this question, but the answer is that creeping phlox bloom more than once. There are so many different factors that contribute to the blooming of a plant - like temperature, humidity, light and even the number of hours it has been since they last bloomed.

Creeping phlox bloom more than once because they flower more often as they grow older.

This is a plant that produces flowers each month. Some people believe in one-time blooming and some believe in multiple blooming. Creeping phlox bloom more than once and are often found in a different color each season.

How many times does creeping phlox bloom?

The creeping phlox is a low-growing plant that blooms on woody stems, appearing to cover everything in sight.

The creeping phlox has a life span of about four weeks and can be found in Eastern North America, where it flowers from May to July.

Creeping phlox typically blooms three times during the summer season.
The number of blooms depends on the environment in which it grows and will vary from 1 to 3 per year.

 Additional Note

Growing creeping phlox is pretty beneficial. Their maintenance is not so stressful. They will always come back next spring spreading their blooms outwards every year. Therefore you get to enjoy all year round amazing blooms.

You can plant creeping phlox on bare or freshly distributed slopes which will serve as erosion control. 

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