Why Are There Ants in My Yard?

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Last Updated on June 17, 2020 by Charlie

Having ants in your yard and mostly your garden can be beneficial in pest control and also dangerous to the entire household as well as your garden in some other ways. They are sweet and sour service providers or providers of the bitter-sweet experience. However, what they do in your yard isn’t much of our concern in this piece, but why they are there in the first place and most certainly, the knowledge of how these tiny creatures found their way into your yard can help you avoid future invasions. So with their presence kept at bay, you won’t have to worry about the rollercoasters of sweet and sour experiences or their necessary evils. To answer that big question up there, why are there ants in my yard? Please continue reading and the succeeding texts would do the needful. 

Why the Ants Are in Your Yard?

Ants come into your yard for a couple of reasons, some could just be visiting, roaming about or are being invited by other ants so they can form their colony. Food crumbs and wet places are also some chief reasons why ants would want to cohabit with you. That being said, let’s go deeper into the reasons why there are ants in your yard. But before that, know this:

There Are Ants Already Before You Moved In

Well, you might be thinking the ants are just newcomers while they’ve actually been there before you came in and you are the one who’s even intruding according to the law of who inhabits a place first. So for one thing, there could be ants already and you came and met them, why they are there is none of your makings but they are there anyway and that’s bad already. 

Food Crumbs Lure Them In

Ants are attracted by food crumbs. Factually, this is one of the prime reasons why ants would invade your home. They need food to survive and since you store food in the house or perhaps you eat around the yard and the food crumbs linger a while before you get rid of them, the ants have already leveraged on your delay to make a living for themselves. Ants send in spies and hunters to go hunt for food or raw materials so they can build homes for themselves. When these spies locate food, they send out signals to the rest of the team out there that something is up in your home, so the rest by virtue of the signal, come in their colonies to get the food. Ants clutter your home due to how careless you are with littering food particles around. Even the tiniest bits you omit outside can lure ants in. Their sensory organs for food are on a high level. So get rid of all the crumbs whenever you are done eating, no matter how tiny and insignificant they may appear.

Why Are There Ants in My Yard?

Damp Areas Bring Them In

Beyond food which is the chief reason for ants showing up in your residence, wet areas or damp areas can also get the attention of ants. They need water in as much as they need food. Almost every creature under the sun needs water to live, ants aren’t an exception to this. So if you are fond of leaving stagnant water around your home, in the kitchen or leaving drops of water that trailed you from the bathroom to the bedroom, you are inviting ants. Any culture of you leaving water around a particular area without mopping or wiping off is capable of sending out an invitation letter to ants on the outdoor to come to see what’s going on indoors. So wipe the floors dry and mop up the waters. The water situation inside can be very inviting to ants when the weather is extremely hot. Most times the ants can locate water leakages that you are unaware of and start cohabiting there. Some categories of ants known as moisture ants are water lovers and so they notice leakages long before you do and start to build their colonies around it. Watch out for areas where water is constantly used like in your bathroom or kitchen. Watch out for leakages and ensure everywhere is kept dry at all times. These ants see the leakages you don’t which are why you need to be observant or diligent in doing tidying up. 

Why Are There Ants in My Yard?

Loopholes Say They Are Welcomed

You create portals or entry points for ants to march in like an infantry when you allow cracks and holes in the walls of your house or fence endure for a long time. Ants love to utilize opportunities when they see any. When you leave broken fences unattended to, you virtually send out a note to them conveying your intentions of having them around for an evening hangout or for a sweet cohabitation. You know they don’t need ample pathways to march squarely into your house, a little opening would do. This calls for extreme attention to details when it comes to taking care of your home. Look out for the cracked walls, little developing holes beside pipes, spaces beneath doors and lintels, spaces on the window and virtually every place that looks suspicious as an entry point for ants. Identify these access points and close them up before the ants gain a grand entry. 

Other Access Points for Ants

Ants can glide past even holes small as pores. Leaving your window open is more than enough welcome already. If you are using a wooden window or it was used as a frame for your wood, change the wooden frame when it begins to rot because that could also attract ants to the window which subsequently leads to their presence indoors. Cracked foundations too can also lead to the invasion of ants.

Why Are There Ants in My Yard?


Ants are not some friendly creatures especially the soldier ones. In the stead of terminating them when they’ve already begun working in your home in terms of carrying diseases and damaging lawns and gardens, you can opt for the preventive methods by eliminating everything that’s capable of attracting them into your home.

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