Areca Palm Low Light Requirements And Other Plant Care Tips

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Areca palm is a tall and attractive palm that looks just like a palm bamboo tree. This plant is one popular type of houseplant that is easy to maintain and can add a tropical vibe to your home. The plant of areca is a low light requiring plant. Areca palm low light plants can sit well in your interiors.

Usually, palm trees are limited to outdoor ranges. So, it may surprise you to know that this type of palm plant can be set up indoors when our previous knowledge tells us how tall a palm grows. But the good news is that areca can be set up with your interior décor. You can set up areca palm in your living room, offices, and so on.

Areca palm being a low light plant can be pretty beneficial as this feature makes them a perfect plant for indoors. So, you can always put this plant up indoors to decorate your interiors.

Areca palm low light requirement is one of the things we will be discussing in this post. We will also discuss how you can properly care for this plant so let’s delve into this info.

Overview On Areca Palm Low Light

Areca palm which is scientifically known as Dypsis lutescens, is a type of plant often grown indoors as houseplants. This plant is one of the most loved and famous indoor palms.

The plant of areca is also referred to as golden cane palm, bamboo palm, or butterfly palm and the plant is native to Madagascar.

This plant is characterized by its smooth or golden trunk that is similar to bamboo plants and they have this frond that is narrow and full that even looks like a bamboo tree.

Areca plant is capable of attaining a matured height of about 7 to 10 feet when indoors and when outdoors, it can grow as high as 35 feet. However, they tend to add a height of about 6 to 10 inches every year up until they attain their matured height (which is around 7 to 10 feet).

One of the great advantages of the areca plant is that it can withstand pruning without harming the plant. Hence, this makes it possible to keep this plant even when matured indoors all through their full lifespan of up to 10 years.

Areca Palm Low Light Requirement

Areca palm low light requirements need to be met so that they can flourish. It is crucial you provide the right amount of light to this plant especially when grown indoors.

Ideally, areca palm requires bright, indirect light from a window facing south or west. This also implies that areca palm won’t do so well with direct sunlight and you can begin to notice a yellowish-green when exposed to direct sunlight.

Plant Care Tips For Areca Palm Plant

When it comes to caring for areca palms both indoors and outdoors, it isn’t so difficult. Below are planting care tips to follow when growing areca palm.

1.    Light

As we have mentioned earlier, the areca palm thrives adequately in a properly filtered sun. However, the plant can still withstand full sunlight, but direct sunlight can scorch its leaves.

Plant Care Tips For Areca Palm Plant - Light

2.    Watering requirements – Areca Palm Low Light

Areca palm do well when they are watered properly, but make sure they are not over-watered. The plant can’t withstand soggy soil pr sitting in a water-logged potting mix. The plant can be easily exposed to root rot from water-logged soil.

The best way to go about watering this plant is to ensure the soil dries out a little in-between watering.

Also, take note that areca palm are sensitive to fluoridated water so it is recommended you use distilled water or collected rainwater.

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3.    Soil

When growing areca palm indoors, use a properly draining soil and a peat-based potting mix is fine. Also, ensure the pot or container has good drainage holes. Then for outdoors, make use of a rich, slightly acidic soil that is properly draining.

Additionally, amending with sand and peat moss may be required just to enhance the porousness and minimize the pH of the soil.

House Plant and Tropical Plant Potting Soil, Re-Potting Soil

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4.    Temperature and humidity – Areca Palm Low Light

For both indoors and outdoors, this plant usually do well with an average temperature of 65 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Areca palm can do fine when planted outdoors in the garden in areas where the temperature outdoors does not fall below around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then if you are growing areca plan indoors, ensure you keep their leaves away from air conditioners, cold windows, and any sources of heat.

Also, if the potted plant of areca palm is placed outside during summer, ensure they are brought indoors before the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Any sudden cold surge can cause their leaves to develop dark spots.

Additionally, high humidity is required just to maintain a glowing areca palm plant. Although areca palm plant has the ability to normal indoor humidity; but when the air becomes too dry, the tip of their leaves can start to turn brown.

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5.    Fertilization

This plant is a heavy feeder that requires fertilization from spring to early fall using a liquid fertilizer and following the labeled instructions.

Take note and avoid feeding the plant during late fall and winter because this is when the plant is in its dormant state.

Areca Palm Fertilization


Areca palm is a nice type of houseplant to add to your indoor décor and they are pretty easy to take care of and their requirements aren’t too tedious

Areca palm low light requirements and plant care tips are what we have discussed in this post and we hope you have gained some things on this.


Can areca palms grow in shade?

Yes, areca palm can tolerate little shaded spots because they prefer indirect sunlight. Exposing the plant to direct sun can cause their leaves to burn.

How much sun does an areca palm need?

The plant of areca palm requires at least 6 hours of indirect sun every day. Just ensure the sunlight you will be supplying the plant is indirect because direct sunlight can scorch the leaves of the plant.

Can areca palm survive in artificial light?

Yes, areca palm can survive with the help of artificial light such as fluorescent grow light and the like. This way, you can help the plant obtain its fair share of light during the day, so it’s a great plant for you to invest in an artificial grow light.

Can areca palm grow indoors without sunlight?

Areca palm plant does require light to thrive, so they might not do so well if they are deprived of sunlight when they are indoors.

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