Best Commercial Patio Heaters In 2021

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If chilly evenings are preventing customers from enjoying the outdoor area, commercial patio heaters are the answer to your problems.

As summer ends and nights begin to get colder, the patio becomes a part of the house that most people still love to use. A patio heater will keep the area warm and comfortable to hold gatherings or meetings. These heaters give the perfect amount of heat to keep your patio warm enough for all ages.

Commercial patio heaters are used at pop-up events, in hotels, outdoor dining, and construction sites. They keep the environment warm for customers ensuring a comfortable working environment.

To get yourself the best commercial patio heaters you will need to consider the source of heat. There are some models that run on propane gas, infrared models, and electrical options. Each has its own pros and cons that we will look at.

Depending on the layout of your outdoor space, it is important to pick the right kind of patio heater you want. Choose either freestanding, ceiling, or wall mounting that suits your space.

Why Choose Commercial Patio Heaters?

Commercial premises are busy and attract a good number of people. Keeping things comfortable both indoors and outdoors during the chilly evenings is vital for business.

There is nothing that sends crowds home like a beer garden or ice-cold terrace bar. Thanks to the changing climate, it is a common case in the hospitality and entertainment industry. It is best to invest in patio heating systems because they keep the area comfortable for customers.

Why Choose The Best Commercial Heaters

What To Look For In A Commercial Patio Heater

Range. A commercial patio heater should be able to heat things up for larger spaces. It should have a greater range of about 18 feet or more. The smaller tabletop models will only provide heat for a small area.

Power supply. Patio heaters come featuring different types of power source options. Propane is the most popular fuel source for a patio heater. But others use electrical power for better functionality. Electric patio heaters plug into the standard residential outlets. These outlets must be well protected to avoid electrical malfunctions or hazards.

Head output. The effectiveness and intensity of a good commercial patio heater are evaluated by its head output. The output is measured by BTUs for gas-burning heaters and Watts for electric heaters. To compare how well two units will heat up space, compare the BUTs or Watts for each model. Find one that fits your temperature preferences and space.

Types Of Commercial Patio Heaters

Pyramid heaters – These are tall impressive pyramid looking heaters that hold heat inside. Their unique build is attractive and inviting with some being as tall as 8 feet tall. They are more expensive than the rest of the heaters with their heating power the same as the tower heater. They take more effort to assemble but patience is worth!

Propane Tower heater – These heaters are relatively cheap and easy to set up. They do not need electricity to work making them such a great option if you are looking for a great source of heat. They are a go-to option if you are looking for a source of great concentrated heat.

Infrared wall heaters – This is the most common option for smaller spaces. This wall-mounted infrared heater uses electricity. It is not affected by wind or any other kind of weather. This heater works by heating up directly and spreading the heat in the surrounding area. They are excellent for small spaces and comes with remote control.

Best Commercial Patio Heaters Review

Please note! Due to increased demand for online shopping in the Covid 19 season, some patio heaters included in this article could be out of stock. We have included a link for each product to provide updates of restocking live from Amazon.

Best overall Propane Heater – Golden Flame 46,000 BTU (XL Series)

Propane patio heaters are hands down some of the best heaters to invest in. The Golden Flame is hands down the best option. It is 89 inches tall with46, 000 BTU of heating power. It will heat an area of around 8 ft around keeping a group of about people warm throughout the night. This heater features a great design available in a wide range of colors. It comes with a stainless finishing and a powdered coat that will endure even the worst weather.


  • Comes in a range of colors
  • Has a fantastic design
  • Comes with a state of the art features
  • Carries plenty of power
  • Has a small table for drinks or snacks
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Not as affordable as other options
616MD6NlXPL. AC SL1500

Best for Umbrella – ART TO REAL Electric Patio Parasol Umbrella Heater

If you own a patio umbrella in your outdoor space, the best option for this space is an umbrella heater. You can either choose to mount it on the umbrella pole or hang it underneath the awning. The electric infrared heater has three collapsible heating panels that hang from the central ring. It comes in three settings of 500, 1000, and 1,500 watts that can warm up to 15 square feet.


  • It is silent therefore does not emit any noise
  • It’s odorless
  • Not expensive to maintain


  • Not as warm as its gas-powered counterparts
71L0i8fm0JL. AC SL1000

Best Value Propane Heater – AMAZONBASICS Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

Though it’s the same as the Golden Flame heater option, its price is quite lower. It has the same height same capacity, same propane tank, same sand reservoir, tip-off safety switch – everything is the same. The price is what makes the difference! This is one of the best sellers on Amazon commercial patio heaters rendering it currently unavailable.

This heater is made of stainless steel that is not of high quality. The material and paint around the heating flame wear out fast leaving you with burned flaky paint and warped metal.


  • Sells at an unbeatable price
  • Bestseller on Amazon
  • Fully featured
  • Comes with a huge color range


  • It is not durable therefore does not last long
  • Low quality of material 
  • Lower customer satisfaction compared to other brands like Golden flame
best commercial patio heaters - Amazon Basics

Best Wall Mounted – HILAND Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater With Remote Control

HILAND wall mounted patio heater is designed to hang from the ceiling or wall. It is a hassle-free electric heater that saves you the hassle of having a bulky freestanding unit on your patio. It is more portable and easy to operate. This heater produces 1500 watts and is best for patios, porches, and any other space less than 15 square feet. It has a swivel wall mount that allows flexible rotation to where the heat is needed most.


  • Comes with a remote to easily switch on and off from the comfort of your house.
  • Waterproof and easy to use
  • Wheel assembly included
  • Safety auto shut off button


  • Is to as durable as the other competitors
  • Best pyramid commercial patio heater
71BOWJt3gAL. AC SL1500

Best Wall Mounted – Golden Flame Propane Hammered Outdoor Heater

This heater is eye-catching almost 8 feet long holding a heat machine. Pyramid heaters are remarkable because they are so unique and make your space look classy and inviting.

Golden Flame pyramid heater comes from durable and heavy materials with extra thick quartz. The quartz glass tube, metal finishes, and thick supports mean durability at its best. This heater is built to compete with restaurant-level units. These units cost up to 3 times the price of this model. It features 41,000 BTU, mobility wheels, and runs off a standard 20 lb propane tank.


  • Very big –almost 8 feet tall
  • 41,000 BTU power
  • Made of quality material
  • Fully featured with safety switches and wheels


  • High price point
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Best Infrared Commercial heater
31JNuZg dYL. AC

Best Wall Mounted – Muskoka Commercial Sunwave

This is the best-infrared heater able to handle a range of uses. The 3 temperature settings include easy mountability, remote control, and the ability to work indoors. This makes it versatile! This heater uses electricity – a simple plug in step. This model displays quality and power with the dual heaters producing up to 3000W of heat that can be felt up to about 15 feet away.

It is made up of quality material that is outstanding. It is rated at IP65, the highest possible rate to withstand harsh conditions. These heaters are able to withstand rain or dust storms. It remains unaffected by wind or weather.


  • Quality material with outstanding finishing
  • Comes with 3 settings and a remote control
  • It is waterproof
  • It is fully powered with up to 15 inches range
  • Very easy to move around


  • Sells at a high price
  • Not as eye-catching as other brands
best commercial patio heaters - muskoka


What patio heater gives the most heat?

If you’re looking to buy a new patio heater, you need to think about two things: how much heat it will give, and how easy it is to use. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself first:

What do I want out of my patio heater? Is it size that matters, or is it performance? How much do I want to spend? Do I want something simple, or something that looks great? Is it important for me to have an energy efficient heater? How do I want to use it? What will I be using it for?

Basically, you’ll be looking at patio heaters that are affordable, and easy to use. You’ll be looking at patio heaters that have been reviewed by the experts and tested by real people like you.

The most important thing to look at when you’re buying a new patio heater is how much heat it gives. If you’re not sure what type of heat you need, you should start with the lowest temperature. The lowest temperature you’ll find is called the “base temperature,” and it is the lowest temperature you will use on a daily basis. The second most important thing to consider is the highest temperature you will use. This is called the “warm temperature,” and is usually used to warm up cold patios.

What kind of patio heater is best?

There are many different types of patio heaters available on the market, and choosing one can be quite a daunting task. 

The type of patio heater you choose will depend on the size of your patio, how often you use it, your budget, as well as the weather conditions where you live. There are two basic types of patio heaters: electric heat and propane heat. Electric heaters burn natural gas or electricity. They tend to be more expensive than propane heaters, but they are typically more efficient and last longer. Propane heaters burn propane gas. They cost less per hour of heat than electric heaters, but they are more expensive and they also produce carbon monoxide fumes. You can choose a portable heater, which is small enough to fit into a car or truck and can be moved from one location to another.

Portable heaters are ideal for a small patio because they only need to be used for a short period of time each day. Most patio heaters have a thermostat that turns the heater on and off based on the outside temperature. The thermostat can be set to turn the heater on at a certain temperature, and to turn it off when it reaches a certain temperature. The thermostat controls the flow of electricity to the heating elements, so that the heater will stay at a steady temperature.  Electric patio heaters are very convenient because you don't have to turn the heater on and off manually. They come in many different sizes, so they can be used in a variety of locations. Most patio heaters are very efficient and produce very little heat loss.


Choosing the right commercial patio heater to warm up your outdoor space can be a tricky and hard decision. There are different types, looks, and functionalities. We hope this article has been able to shed some light on you on the best options for each of the heaters. You can now make an informed decision to buy the item that will meet your need. If you are stuck for a choice, we suggest you check out the best selling among them on Amazon. We bet you will make the right decision. Rest assured your choice is one of the best!

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