Best Outdoor Bug Zappers 

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You can attest to the fact that insects make an annoying lot around your home. You can even admit to tolerating noisy neighbors than the buzzing of insects and their terrible stings in and around your house. Their activities rob you of your comfort and that of the entire members of your household. In line with these, you might want to know the best bug zapper out there!

Whether this troublesome insect activity is coming from bloody mosquitoes, noisy crickets, buzzing flies, or stingy wasps they are not welcomed in any home and ultimately need to be tamed. Even though these bugs have some beneficial offerings to your flowers when it comes to pollination, they offer more trouble when it comes to supplying diseases.

The solution comes in the use of bug zappers and in this case, we are focusing on outdoor bug zappers since they warm up outdoors before storming the indoors of your privacy and making life unbearable for you. These bug zappers leverage on the love the insects have for bright lights and electrocute them. 

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best bug zappers you can lay your hands on and end the reign of incessant annoying bugs in your outdoors. So here we go:

Top 6 Best Bug Zapper 

1. Flowtron NK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage 

When it comes to outdoor bug zapping, the Flowtron NK-40D comes as the best electronic device you can use. It’s the most effective device you can use to win this war between you and the insects in your outdoors. It is quite pricey but when you look at what it can offer, you could just ignore the expense and go for it pronto.


It’s a corded bug zapper and can lure mosquitoes and every other insect around your home into its light to terminate them in an area measuring up to an acre in size. One of the highlights of its feature is the ability to leave the killing grid unclogged after killing the insects.

It uses a high voltage transformer which powers the wire mesh with high volts electricity and then it uses a UV light to attract insects who then come and get electrocuted immediately. You will need to provide another cord extension for it since you’ll be using outdoors. It comes with a short cord which is why you need to make provision for a longer one. 


  • Non-clogging killing grid
  • Weatherproof and rugged construction for durability 
  • Easy bulb replacement
  • High voltage transformer


  • Short power cord 

Top 6 Best Bug Zapper 

2. Best Bug Zapper Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper 

The stinger cordless rechargeable insect zapper is a fantastic alternative if power is not available to tame the inconveniences and troubles created by insects in your outdoor.


With a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery in place, you just need to charge it and place outside your home in an area where you’ve noticed larger clusters of insects and let it do its job perfectly. When fully charged, it can run for hours non-stop.

It also has a power inlet where you can connect it to electricity if you happen to encounter power in the process. But its major perk comes in its ability to work effectively without power and the possible inconvenience of using long cords.

The UV light here used for attraction of insects is black in the stead of bright white lights. White lights are more effective in attracting insects compared to black but the black is not doing so badly as it can attract insects up to 40% while the lamp does the execution instantaneously.

This bug zapper comes with an aesthetic feature of two LED lights when not in use.


  • Can function effectively with or without power
  • Cordless
  • Aesthetic feature


  • Uses black UV light to attract insects instead of the effective white light

Best Bug Zapper Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper 

3. ZAP IT! Best Bug Zapper 

The ZAP IT! Bug Zapper is the best racket insect killer you can ever find. It’s great for the outdoors if you just want to sit out in the twilight on your lawn to chit-chat with family and friends or do a solo relaxation without having insects intruding and bugging your peaceful life.


It’s a handheld device so you have to hold it the same way you hold your sporting racket. It is powered by two AA batteries and can offer an electrocuting power of about 3500 volts.

The ZAP IT! Bug Zapper can kill even the tiniest of insects when it comes in contact with them. It works by you holding the power button and swinging it at the bug once you find it.

Any insect that comes in contact with the electric grid of this swatter is killed at the instant. The power button cannot be steadied, you have to press and hold for it to be active.

This is to ensure the battery is conserved and to avoid you getting electrocuted in the process. Your kids can unconsciously mistake it for a racket and get the shock of their lives, so it’s safe for it to be powered when you decide to hold the power button.


  • Lightweight, handheld, and easy to use 
  • Uses a battery, no cords, and no need for constant power 


  • Must be handheld to work effectively 
  • Can still be dangerous for kids

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4. Best Bug Zapper Bug Zapper Light Bulb with LED Light 

Serving dual purposes of providing you with light outdoors, the Bug Zapper Light Bulb is one of the best options you can use without stress.


This bug zapper comes with a 12-watt LED light that can illuminate your outdoor effectively and everyone could just pass it for an electric light bulb, but then it has an LED lightwave trap that lures insects to its bright illumination and through its electric grids, they are ultimately killed.

Another good feature of this bulb is that it can be activated to work solely as an electric bulb, or just for zapping insects.

The dual function can also be activated where it can work as an insect killer and your typical light bulb. It’s a plug-in bulb and you will need wall sockets outside your home. That shouldn’t be a problem, light sockets are almost everywhere around the house.


  • Relatively affordable and effective 
  • Serves dual purposes: Light bulb and insect zapper 
  • Works as long as there is power 


  • Low voltage 
  • Can be ruined by rainfall 

Best Bug Zapper Bug Zapper Light Bulb with LED Light 

5. Best Bug Zapper Zap-It Rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket 

Another alternative to the racket style of bug zapping comes in the Zap-It Rechargeable Bug Zapper.


Unlike the battery-powered counterpart, this one comes with a rechargeable battery and so you won’t need to be buying and replacing dead batteries. On a full charge, this zapper racket can serve you for hours after which you can recharge again.

For charging, all you need to do is plug it in a USB cord and connect it to a power source. The safety feature with the power button is the same as that of the non-rechargeable variant, you can press the power button to activate the zapping.

It also comes with an additional safety feature; there is a three-layer design covered in a protective mesh to limit shocks when one comes in contact with the electric grid.


  • Rechargeable Battery 
  • Handheld, light and easy to use
  • Not dangerous for kids as it comes with a protective mesh


  • Must be handheld to work 
  • Protective mesh limits its insect-electrocuting power 

Best Bug Zapper Zap-It Rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket 

6. Best Bug Zapper ENKEEO 2-in-1 Camping Lantern Bug Zapper Tent Light 

For those doing the great outdoors the camping way, then this is the best illuminator cum insect protector that you don’t want to find yourself without in the camp. It’s one of the best camping gear that you should include for your next camping trip.


The ENKEEO 2-in-1 Camping Lantern Bug Zapper Tent Light is a cordless insect zapper that comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery.

The battery has a maximum runtime of 15 hours when you are using it with the zapper and 20 hours for just the lamp feature. It is waterproof and the rains got nothing on this one.

Portability comes as another highlight, it is lightweight at 0.44 pounds and is easy to use. You can just hang it on the iron holding the tent, on a tree branch, or just lay it on the floor.

It has a removable lampshade to reduce the brightness or adjust it and a retractable hook used for hanging. It can be charged using a USB cord plugged into a power source.


  • Lightweight property 
  • Easy to use 
  • Waterproof feature 
  • Long battery life on a full charge 
  • Dual functionality; camp lamp and insect zapper 


  • Needs to be recharged often for serving two purposes 

Best Bug Zapper ENKEEO 2-in-1 Camping Lantern Bug Zapper Tent Light 

Conclusion and Overall Best Bug Zapper

Bug zappers come in a variety of specifications and identities, but what matters most is how effective they can be in warding off bugs in your outdoor and the area they can cover. They all come with very great benefits and a few downsides.

You can make your pick and enjoy all of the goodness they offer while they last. Our overall Best Outdoor Bug Zapper in the review goes to the Flowtron NK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage. This device steals the best for its high voltage transformer power which makes it the most powerful and most effective of them all. Land area coverage is also of the essence. It can cover an area of 1 acre in size, that’s really huge, the more reason why it’s the best choice for the outdoors.


What is the best mosquito zapper for outside?

Mosquito zappers are devices designed to keep mosquitoes away. There are many options when it comes to mosquito zappers, but we’ll be focusing on the best mosquito zapper for outside.

The best mosquito zapper for outside should not be affected by weather conditions and have a wide range of coverage (for example, they should cover at least 500 square feet). They should also have a long power cord. The best mosquito-repelling device needs to be able to kill mosquitoes that are up to 10 inches in size and within a vertical range of 10 feet from the device.

Mosquito zappers are devices that create a high-voltage electric field to kill mosquitoes without harming humans. They have been used for many years and work by attracting mosquitoes who, in turn, get zapped by the voltage.

Some of the best mosquito zappers for outside are:

1) Mosquito's revenge CO2 mosquito killer

2) The bug buster 2

3) EcoZap

4) Bug killer.

Do bug zappers really work on mosquitoes?

Bug zappers have been around for a long time now. There are many different types of bug zappers on the market and they aim to kill bugs by generating heat. However, scientists at the University of Florida proved that bug zappers don't work for mosquitoes since their body temperature is too low for heat-sensing systems to detect.

Scientists tested four different types of bug zappers in a lab setting and found that none of them killed any mosquitoes. The experiment concluded that mosquitoes are able to fly through the air above and below where bug zapper's spread out beams reach, so they're not killed by any smoke or light generated by the devices.

How do I attract mosquitoes to my bug zapper?

Mosquitoes are attracted to light and heat. It is best if you use a bug zapper with a UV light bulb or incandescent bulb for optimal results.

While it is best to use a bug zapper with UV light, these devices aren't always affordable or convenient, so there are alternatives such as citronella candles that also work quite well.

What is the most effective way to control mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are a deeply problematic ecosystem. They spread diseases, cause unpleasantness, and suck up a lot of resources. There are many ways to control and prevent their population. One of the most effective methods is using pesticides that kill mosquitoes with minimal harm to humans or other species.

What smells do mosquitoes hate?

Mosquitoes are generally attracted to CO2 which is the major factor in making a human smell. The smells the mosquitoes hate are:

-The smell of natural substances such as soil, plants, and water

-The smell of burnt wood or smoke

-The smell of other insects

Does Vicks Vapor Rub repel mosquitoes?

Vicks Vapor Rub, the famous brand of cough suppressant and topical analgesic, is said to repel insects. These claims have been tested on mosquitoes in a lab and it was found that Vicks Vapor Rub actually makes the mosquitoes want to leave you alone.

The active ingredient in Vicks is DEET, which is a synthetic compound that repels insects with its smell. When mixed with other chemicals such as 2-undecanone, the compounds make up something called an olefin metathesis reaction. The reaction provides a fresh smell rather than the usual malodorous substances we release from our bodies when we sweat or emit body odor.

What plants keep mosquitoes away?

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects due to their biting habits. But there is a solution to this problem - plants. There are a lot of plants that have mosquito repelling qualities and here are some of them:

- Catnip - This plant has been used for years as an effective deterrent for mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. It's leaves emit a scent that mosquitoes find unpleasant and repels them from your house or garden.

- Basil - Basil has potent pest-repelling properties to ward off mosquitoes along with other insects like moths and aphids. The leaves release flavorless oils that leave no odor or residue on clothing or furniture.

- Rosemary - Rosemary not only keeps mosquitoes away by its smell, but also discourages insects from laying eggs in it

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