Aloe Vera Smell – Does Aloe Vera Smell Bad?

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The aloe vera smell is something to think about. Are you worried about your Aloe Vera plant because, suddenly, they begin to produce a kind of unusual smell? Then you begin to wonder: Does aloe Vera smell bad and why? Well, this is the place you can find out the reason why your aloe vera plant smells bad and also, what you can do about this situation.

Aloe vera is the type of plant you can have at home as they are lovely tropical-looking succulents. The texture of the body of the plant is succulent, while the gel is very beneficial health-wise.

It is not unusual for aloe vera plants to produce an unpleasant smell. This happens when something is not right with the plant. This is why everything about aloe vera smell, be it good or bad, will be discussed at large in this article. So, let’s answer the question: Does aloe vera smell bad?

Aloe Vera Smell

Sometimes the aloin or sap produces a smell like that of a spoilt onion or garlic. The odor is more pronounced, most especially when there is a cut on the plant or oozing. Does Aloe Vera Smell Bad? The bad smell can also be a result of roots or leaves that are rotten.

Being able to tell the real smell of an aloe vera plant will help to determine if your plant actually smells bad. Or maybe it’s just that you don’t find the real scent of the succulent pleasant at all.

So, to be able to tell the real smell of an Aloe Vera plant or cut aloe leaves, let’s take a quick look at the background of this plant which is a flowering perennial.

Aloe Vera Smell

The Aloe Vera Plant

This plant is known to be a tropical flowering succulent. It can be found growing in places in Africa and also in other regions like Mauritius, Comoros, and Reunion, which are some islands in the Indian Ocean.

It can also be found in Madagascar, Jordan, the Arabian Peninsula, and others. Aloe vera, a succulent plant, has changed over time.

The change undergone by this plant is noted in its ability to survive for a long time without water in sandy-type soil or regions that are rocky. This even includes a hot climate of intense direct sunlight. Aloe plants can grow in an environment that some plants may find inhabitable, so this makes them hardy plants.

The fact that the aloe vera plant can stand harsh conditions when it’s in its native habitat doesn’t mean it won’t become affected negatively when it’s not cared for when it’s being grown at home. A way of knowing if an aloe plant is not well taken care of is from the scent it produces.

The Reason Why Aloe Vera Smells Bad

Naturally, aloe vera has an onion-like smell because it is a member of the same family as garlic and onion. Hence, you will keep wondering if aloe Vera really smells bad.

Although, the onion-garlic scent tends to be minimal. An aloe vera plant having a strong smell means that it has root rot.

Furthermore, no scent whatsoever should be produced by aloe vera flowers. While the gel will only produce not too much of an onion-like smell when growing healthily, this may become intense when the plant starts experiencing problems.

When you cut the leaves of your aloe plant, it is natural to perceive a minimal onion-like scent. It is also normal thing for the gel in the leaves that serves as a skincare product, to smell a little bit like garlic.

Does Aloe Vera Smell Bad? Again, your aloe vera plant may be experiencing root rot if it has an unpleasant odor. Hence, try to rectify this issue in your plant early, so you don’t eventually lose it.

Oftentimes, the smell could be from the gel inside the leaves that have been harvested before or the gel mixed inside a product from the store. If this is so, the latex is no longer good and should be trashed. However, if you harvested the aloe leaves immediately and the gel in it starts to smell very bad, this can only mean that the plant has root rot.

Bad Aloe Vera Smell

Even when aloe vera plant leaves have some undesiring odor, they can still be used for a lot of things, such as:

  • Reducing puffy under-eye.
  • Clearing of acne or sores
  • Preserving vegetables

So, you may feel reluctant to discard the plant. This is when the question about why aloe Vera does smell bad starts to come up.

Always bear in mind that aloe plants usually produce a little odor; however, the odor can increase and then decrease. This happens while the plant grows and fluctuates. The aloin is the cause of the bad smell that can sometimes be perceived as an aloe vera plant. The yellow, sappy substance that can be seen inside an aloe vera plant is called the “aloin”.

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Does Aloe Vera Smell Bad

It can be found separately on the surface of the inside of the green shell covering the gel. The aloin is not mixed with the gel inside the aloe vera leaves. However, when the entire leaf is eaten, the aloin is also consumed. But the aloin is usually cleaned out when the gel is only needed. Keep in mind that an aloe vera plant gives off a bad smell when it has problems.

So, the type of smell a bad aloe gives is that of a strong garlic smell, as mentioned above. Ideally, aloe naturally smells like garlic or onion; however, if the plant is having problems, the odor will instead become intense.

The same thing applies to a product that has bad aloe gel in it. This is why if you observe that your aloe vera plant has an unpleasant smell, try to know why it is so. This is because the plant must be experiencing some issues. Identifying the issues will help to drastically reduce the unpleasant smell in your plant.

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Preventing Root Rot Of Aloe Vera – Does Aloe Vera Smell Bad?

Providing your aloe vera plants with the necessary conditions to stay healthy will help prevent the plants from getting root rot or infected with other diseases. To prevent root rot, consider the following:

  • Choose good soil.
  • Good drainage is important because the aloe plant does not like to be waterlogged.
  • The right watering schedule should be given to the aloe plant.

How to Get Rid of Aloe Vera Smell?

It is great to know how to get rid of the Aloe Vera smell, especially if it has become unbearable. It is often reported that many growers notice a bad odor coming from their alow plant after a while. This can be concerning if you don’t get to the root of the problem, causing the bad aloe smell. However, you should also know that once you know what the cause is, treating it would become much simpler.

While some people say that Aloe Vera smells like a body odor, others find it to have a very strong aromatic smell that resembles garlic or onion. But all is not lost, as you will be able to successfully get rid of the unpleasant stink that has become bothersome. To fix smelly Aloe Vera plants, you would need to inspect them thoroughly. This is because the stanch is usually caused by overwatering or rotted and diseased roots. Hopefully, it is not the natural Aloe smell that bothers you as you would, unfortunately, have to endure it because you won’t be able to get rid of it.

A bit of advice to get rid of the smell, in this case, would be to place it next to flowering plants that have perfume-like scents. This will help camouflage the odor that the Aloe Vera plant naturally gives off. The best choices of blooming plants, in this case, would be honeysuckle, magnolias, gardenias, or wisterias, which would reduce the stench of aloe gel.

Does Aloe Vera Spoil?

Many gardeners and homeowners want to know, does Aloe Vera spoil? The answer to this is yes because once they’re cut, and the gel is extracted, the cut leaf and the gel inside it will eventually spoil. However, its lifespan will also depend on a few factors. All-natural, freshly cut Aloe Vera has a two-day lifespan when stored at room temperature, while refrigeration will extend this time to about seven days or so.

The good news is that you also have the option of freezing your aloe gel, as it will last up to one year in this case. Keep in mind that Aloe Vera that is directly extracted from the plant is also preservative-free, hence the shorter time they last. If you attempt to keep it longer than recommended, then you can expect them to spoil after the given time. Also, remember that spoiled aloe can cause skin irritations and should be discarded promptly.

The Reason Why Aloe Vera Smells Bad

Can I Use Smelly Aloe Vera?

I once wondered, can I use smelly Aloe Vera, and I am glad that I didn’t. Aside from its natural smell, which is tolerable, the stench of spoiled Aloe Vera is not only unpleasant, but it is also not good to use. Organic matter, which includes Aloe Vera, is prone to deterioration over time.

This depreciates its beneficial properties and makes it useless when it has gone off. For this reason, using smelly Aloe Vera is not advised as it can have negative results. By this, I mean skin irritation that is caused by expired Aloe Gel and stomach irritation that is the result of ingesting smelly spoiled Aloe Vera.

Therefore, Aloe Vera – whether freshly cut or as a part of a skincare product – that has spoiled or expired, should be binned. If you notice that your plant has oozing tissue, blackened or brown leaves that have become dry, or brown water-soaked spots, then the smelly Aloe is probably rotten.

Conclusion – Does Aloe Vera Smell Bad?

An Aloe Vera plant can have an unpleasant smell that may have you wondering if the plant is safe to use. In this article, we have given you the answers to your questions on the odor aloe plant tends to give off and why it is so. We hope that the information was helpful and you now have a better understanding of the Aloe Vera smell.


Why does my aloe stink?

One major reason why your aloe may be giving off unpleasant odors is usually because it has been cut or broken and the latex inside tends to leak. This can cause the aloe plant to temporarily give off a foul odor.

Is it bad if Aloe Vera smells bad?

The plant aloe vera tends to have this pungent odor that you may find unpleasant. The odor may be a normal thing or it may indicate something is wrong.

How do you get rid of the smell of aloe vera?

You can get rid of the bad smell of aloe vera by making sure the root does not rot. So, make sure you take care of the plant by supplying the right amount of water with good drainage.

How do you know when fresh aloe vera is bad?

A fresh aloe vera that is still good can last up to a week. However, when a freshly cut aloe is bad or soiled, it will likely takr 24 hours at room temperature to get spoil.

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