Different Ways Of Hanging A Wheelbarrow On The Wall

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Last Updated on December 17, 2021 by Cristina

There are various ways of hanging a wheelbarrow on the wall in an effort to save your space, keep it out of the way, and safe for all.

Wheelbarrows are a great helper in your gardening, garage, or lawn maintenance tasks. Gardening equipment and tools can cause you trouble installing them especially constant loading and unloading. However, all of them are necessary.  Learning how to hang a wheelbarrow protects it keeping it easily accessible.

Your wheelbarrow is best kept in a place where it does not collect water as it leads to rust or cracks. If you have a habit of storing your gardening gloves, pruning shears, saws, or any other gardening tools inside the wheelbarrow, it could get worse if they all rust together.

A convenient and intelligent way for storage is to hang a wheelbarrow on the wall. You can turn it inside your garage; your garden shed, fencing, or any other sports you would prefer. Get creative and build something simple and practical for your wheelbarrow storage.

Different Ways Of Hanging A Wheelbarrow On The Wall

Double-Ended DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow Hanger

DIYs are always the best if you are a gardener. If you prefer to use more wood than industrial steel, making this wooden hanger is easy. It will give you a piece of a rugged, rustic design in your backyard setup, which is not just practical but beautiful. To make this DIY wheelbarrow hanger follow the following steps.

    • Get a 2 ft wooden plank about 9 to 12 cm in breadth. Screw it into two metallic plates at a distance of 6 cm from either of the plank.
    • These metal plates need to be 3 to 5 cm longer than the breadth of the plank. This will be the platform that holds the base of your wagon.
    • According to the length of your wheelbarrow, install a hook at a greater height. This hook will hold one end of your wheelbarrow, ensuring a stronghold. Make sure your hook is slightly twisted to provide a firmer grip.
    • This setup should have a distance of at least 1.5 feet above the floor so that it doesn’t have to be too big or small for your wheelbarrow.

The Storage Hook And Rail Design Wheelbarrow Holder On The Wall

Rail systems are standard in most garages. If you don’t have one, either pick up some scrap from your garage and use them to make your authentic design or get a reasonably priced railing from the market.

Whatever the choice, ensure you have good quality and heavy-duty railing. Simply attach a hook that can slide through the railing to design your hooking system to handle at least 20 kilos or more, depending on what else you want to hang.

If you choose to buy the railing from the market, beware of low-quality rails that might not withstand your wheelbarrow’s weight. The last thing you want is a broken wheelbarrow or accidents in your garage. Getting a high-quality railing system assures you of a multi-purpose storage solution for your gardening equipment.

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Wall Hanging Wheelbarrow Holder

Maybe the thought of storing your wheelbarrow at a height worries you. If you are sure of the kind of wood and screws you are using, you have no reason to worry. Heavy-duty screws, once drilled into the wood as per the proper measurements, allow you to store your wheelbarrow against the wall conveniently.

If your wheelbarrow is heavy and metallic, consider using cedar wood of a higher quality. Wall hanging wheelbarrow holder is an efficient, easy, and economical solution to keep your wheelbarrow out of the way.

Lehigh WBH-6 Wheelbarrow Holder, Black

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Fence Lining Wheelbarrow Storage Bracket

Most gardeners fail to identify the excess space on their fence that could help them store the wheelbarrow. If your garage is too full to accommodate your wheelbarrow, you can get creative enough and hang it on your fence. When working outdoors with your wheelbarrow, instead of leaving it lying across your lawn, you can hang it on the wall lining overnight.

You can create this holder using steel-like materials or wood. Get some high-quality screws and a couple of top-notch clotheslines according to the build of your wheelbarrow. Build your bracket a foot above the ground to ensure it’s accessible and can hold the weight of your wheelbarrow. This will be perfect for storing your wheelbarrow sufficiently.

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Ceiling Mounted Wheelbarrow Pulley System

This is common with most gardeners using the garage ceiling to store their wheelbarrows. One of the most unique of all the above storage methods is to consider establishing a pulley system in your shed or garage.

If you have a small garage or shed that is full of your gardening tools and equipment the ceiling storage design will help you free up space that your wheelbarrow is taking.

For your pulley system, you will require two wires, a couple of wheels, metallic plates, and heavy-duty screws. If you cannot build a pulley system, look for professional help.

Ceiling Mounted Wheelbarrow Pulley System

Why Is It Important To Store Your Wheelbarrow Properly

It is essential to keep your wheelbarrow properly in a conducive clean and dry environment for the following reasons

For Safety Purposes

If not stored well, wheelbarrows can be dangerous to pets and kids. If you hang your wheelbarrow for storage, ensure it is firmly held and cannot easily fall causing an accident.

To Increase Its Longevity

When you store your wheelbarrow properly you lengthen its lifespan. Wheelbarrows cost quite a good amount of money and buying a new one every other time could cost you a lot. If you habit leaving it outside until the subsequent use, you will likely lose it to corrosion.

Easy Access And Tidiness

When you properly store your wheelbarrow it is at your disposal next time you need it. You know where it is every time you need to use it and you can access it easily. Choose a convenient storage method for you, leaving you enough space to provide storage for your other gardening equipment.

Managing Your Space

The little or much space you have must be carefully managed to store every tool in its respective place. Hanging a wheelbarrow on the wall or suspending it from the ceiling are some of the brilliant and effective ways to save your own storage space.

Managing Your Space

Final Thoughts

By now, we hope you have an idea of how hanging a wheelbarrow on the wall works. You can make use of the vacant spots in your shed, backyard, or garage to create a top-notch wheelbarrow storage solution. You can use rails, pulleys, plumbing pipes, or even fence lining to create a workable storage solution.

Depending on your resources at hand, the type of wheelbarrow you are on, and the equipment you need to create these solutions you can choose a more convenient option or use professional help to create one that lasts.

If your creative self leads you to more storage options, why not share them with us?

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