How To Get Rid Of Trumpet Vine

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Most gardeners wonder how to get rid of trumpet vine using natural methods that will not harm the soil and the environment.

When you think of trumpet vine, the word invasive comes to mind. Though it’s a thriving plant with beautiful flowers, it has been problematic to many gardeners. Trumpet vine (Campis radicans) is a flowering plant that grows across the United States.

In many areas where they grow, they are considered invasive. This is the reason why gardeners look for ways to destroy it completely because it is a difficult plant. It is not hopeless to try and eliminate this plant, but it will take persistence to see it go. Removing trumpet vine is simple, but you have to do it right otherwise it will sneak back to your lawn.

How to Get Rid of Trumpet Vine

If you have trumpet vine on your lawn, you may wonder how to get rid of trumpet vine easily without damaging the environment. Most times gardeners try to apply herbicide to kill this vine only for the plant to return as strong as though it never left.

Get Rid of Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vine is a rugged plant; thus it requires persistence in taking the right steps to eliminate it. Here are natural remedies to destroy it.

Using Homemade Remedies to Kill Trumpet Vines

1. Kill the Plant with Hot Water. Hot water can be successfully used to kill this plant. This is an affordable means that every gardener can afford. Cut the trumpet vine at ground level, pour the boiling water around the base of the vine. It may take several applications before you can kill the entire root system. Because it’s an easy method to use, you can keep pouring hot water until the vine completely dies.

2. Apply Rock Salt to the Soil. It will be safe to use if you are not growing anything else around the vine. Apply the salt within the vicinity of the vines. Add a cup of rock salt to a gallon of hot water and let it dissolve. Pour out the solution around the plant base and many times as you would wish. Remember; use this method if you don’t intend to grow something else in the same area for a while. The soil will need some time to recover from the salt intake. You can mix a cup of rock salt with a gallon of boiling water for more effective quick results.

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3. Spray the Vine with Diluted White Vinegar. Mix white vinegar with water and spray the trumpet vines. You can make the mixture more effective by spraying the vines on a bright, hot, sunny day. Remember to cut back as much vine as you can before applying the mixture so that it’s not wasted on unnecessary parts. The white vinegar mixture helps kill anything it touches so be careful when spraying.

Just Dig It Out!

Dig up the Root System. Trumpet vines have large root systems that can grow widely and deeply. To destroy the plant, dig up the entire root system and get rid of all the roots. You can burn them to be sure they won’t grow back. Any tiny part of the root left behind will begin to sprout and grow a new plant. If you notice any baby trumpet vine growing back, pull them up and dig out their roots as far as you can find them. Persist in removing them each time you sight them and within no time the vine will diminish.

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Use Herbicides to Kill Trumpet Vine

Poison the Stump. Cut down the entire trumpet vine to ground level. Apply glyphosate herbicide to the stump. You can paint it rather than spraying it. Avoid over-spraying the herbicides in your garden and do not use the herbicide on a windy day. It can damage the rest of your plants that you were not planning to eliminate. Repeat the herbicide application on the stump until it kills the roots. You must be diligent with this elimination method just as you are with other methods. Keep applying the herbicide regularly and check for new growth signs all around it.


Trumpet vine is very persistent! Be committed and persistent to get rid of it. You can use one or a combination of the methods above to get good results. None of the methods will be effective if you don’t stay committed. This is where most gardeners fail! They fail to see the need to remain persistent in eliminating a persistent plant.

You have to always keep checking and applying one or two measures to fight off the re-growing trumpet vine. Remember to wear protective gear for handling herbicides, boiling water, etc. Wear gloves, protective shoes, eye protection, and long sleeves and pants. Work carefully to avoid injuring yourself and avoid damaging any other plants.

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