How to Mow a Steep Hillside - A Complete Guide

How To Mow A Steep Hillside – A Complete Guide

It is important to develop strategies on how to mow a steep hillside whenever it’s time to cut the grass while avoiding accidents.

Not every lawn is perfectly leveled!  Having a slope in your lawn can be beautiful even though it can make mowing harder.

Mowing a steep slope can be dangerous if you do not take precautions.  Do not mow up and down the hill directly; instead, take a lateral approach, run your mower parallel to the slope.  If you can use a self-propelled mower, the better!

Make sure you put it in the slowest speed, wear shoes that have good traction, and set the mower height to the highest setting.

Mowing a slope presents a challenge to many people.  Before undertaking the mowing, determine whether or not your slope is safe to mow.  Slopes that are steeper than 1-foot incline for every 3 feet of horizontal width making them too steep to mow.  On such steep inclines, you can plant meadow grass for low maintenance and erosion-preventing landscaping.

Strategies On How To Mow A Steep Hillside

  • Set Your Mower To A Higher Setting Throughout.  If you set your mower deck lower, you will not be able to push it around and mow because it will be difficult to push.  The higher setting makes it easier for the mower to move over bumps and lumps in the lawn without bouncing off the ground.
  • Mow In A Lateral Direction instead Of Going Up Straight The Slope.  This is a safety measure when mowing a steep hillside.  Pushing the mower straight up a hill can be very dangerous because you can easily lose your footing causing you to fall.  This fall could be fatal especially if the mower falls back on you.  Mowing crosswise from the left side of the hill to the right rather than pushing it up and down the hill is safe and gives you a firm footing.  It is advisable to use a push mower instead of a riding mower.

  • Get A Pair Of Good Cleats That Give You Extra Traction.  The shoes you wear when mowing a steep ground helps you with better stability.  Getting a pair of cleats gives you the extra traction to remain steady when handling the mower.  The last thing you want when mowing a steep hillside is to slip.
  • Finally, Buy A Special Mower For Your Steep Areas.  This may sound too costly but it is very important.  Small deck mowers are lighter and easier to handle thus fit for steep areas.  Just like the way you have tools for specific purposes, it is best to have a lawnmower for a specific area.  This will help you get the task done fast and with ease.  Battery mowers are lighter than gas-powered mowers and using them for steep areas can conserve energy making work easier.

Find the 5 Best Lawn Mowers for Steep Banks

The Most Important Rule: Never Do It when It’s Wet

Mowing Wet Grass Is Not A Good Idea.  Even the best mowers can get clogged up and mulching the clipping becomes nearly impossible.  Mowing a steep hillside on a wet day increases the element of danger.  Wet grass does not cut as well as dry grass because it lies down under the mower blade failing to get cut.  It is best to mow when the grass blades are all standing up straight.  During or after a rain the grass blades are not standing tall and the suction of the blade won’t pick them.

The Most Important Rule - Never Do It when It’s Wet

The Best Mowers For Use On A Steep Hillside

The best lawn mower to use on an incline has special characteristics.  They include:

  • A good rear-wheel-drive to give you better traction on slopes and inclines
  • A very wide cutting deck to help you cut the grass fast
  • Lightweight to make your movements easy so that you don’t exert too much energy

Find one that has all these characteristics for easy mowing on a steep hillside.  If you can’t find one that is cut out with all these characteristics, it’s best to choose one that is close to the perfect one.

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Mowing Steep Hills

Mowing a steep hillside is possible when you choose to use the right tools and do it right.  We fail because we do the right things at the wrong time.

Wet grass will always fail you whether you are mowing on flat or steep lawns.

When you do the right thing at the right time with the right tools, then you are bound to prosper.  And that’s what will happen with mowing your steep hillside with the right tools.