When do Peach Trees Bear Fruit

When Do Peach Trees Bear Fruit?

You probably own a peach tree in your garden, and they might not be producing fruits yet. So you are wondering, when do peach trees bear fruit?

Know When Peach Trees Bear Fruit

The period peach tree produces fruit is around summer. They can start to bear fruit around June, or later in the summer (July, August).

Know When Peach Trees Bear Fruit

All peach usually yields fruits from two to four years after planting. Most peach trees won’t yield fruit during the first two years of planting. Usually, the structure of the peach tree is established during the first few years. However, the dwarf varieties may begin to yield fruit a year earlier than the standard height varieties.

Factors that Can Affect Your Peach Trees to Bear Fruit

Of course, there are some factors that can affect your peach trees from bearing fruits. These factors include:

  • The varieties of your peach.
  • Size of the peach tree.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Low temperature
  • Chilling hours
  • Inadequate pruning.

All these factors can delay your peach tree from producing fruits by a year or more.

Nursery Tree vs. Seed of a Peach Tree

When you plant the seed harvested from a peach tree, the subsequent tree may never bear fruit. However, growing a peach from an established nursery tree will be more productive.

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Things You Can do for Your Peach trees to Bear Fruits

There is no arguing that peach trees do take a long time to produce fruit. But let’s look at some things you can do to help your peach tree bear fruit:


Pruning the branches of your peach tree can help with fruiting. When you prune a whole branch, it can help your peach tree produce fruit. However, removing some parts of the branch will encourage new growth instead of fruit.

Thinning for the Next Year’s Production

A well-thinned peach tree will be healthier and it will encourage a good production of fruit for the next year.

Usually, during the time of heavy fruit production in a year, most of the tree’s energy or resources are sapped away. The peach tree will need to recover and it might not have the resources to be able to produce for the following year.

The tree will then take its time to recover the following year resulting in no fruit production. However, you can help your peach tree evenly distribute its resources by thinning the fruits during its heavy fruit production year.

Chilling Hours

Peach needs cold and chilling hours. Not getting enough chilling hours can prevent your peach trees from producing fruits.

During winter, your peach tree will enter dormancy (resting stage). If the cold in your area is not enough for your peach trees to get adequate chilling hours, it can result in no fruit production.

Alternatively, if your peach trees receive more chilling hours than it should, it can decrease fruit productivity.

The best solution is to obtain the right peach tree variety that will match the chilling hours in your area. Ask your local nursery store to recommend the appropriate peach tree that goes with the climate in your area.