The Best Rat Poison For Outside To Use In 2021

The Best Rat Poison For Outside To Use In 2021

Rat poison for outside is your greatest friend when you want to eliminate rodents trying to get into your home.

Rats infestation has been by far the greatest fear for most people in homes and commercial places.  These pests cause many diseases while destroying your valuable goods. Nobody likes these nagging creatures anywhere near them and would do anything to eliminate them.

That’s the reason we are looking for the best rat poison traps to eliminate these pests.

What Type Of Rat Poison For Outside?

Before choosing the best rat poison, learn a few things that will help you choose the right type for you. Each poison is best suited depending on the bait stations, location, size of the rodent, etc.

3 main types of rat poison include grain bait, block bait, and pasta bait.

Block Bait

Block baits are small and square-shaped, commonly used due to their ease of use, success rate, and durability.  They are traditionally designed to be used within the outdoor mouse bait stations thanks to the convenient hole opening through the center of the block.

Block Bait

The hole makes it easy to attach the blocks to the rods inside each bait box, keeping them secure once paced down.  These block baits are uniquely shaped so that rats can receive a lethal dose as quickly as possible.  They are highly scented with a fragrance that attracts the rats to the bait.

Grain Bait

Grain bait is a common rat poison packed in ready-to-use sachets perfect for use within the rat bait trays.  These sachets are more flexible to block baits as they can be thrown in hard-to-reach areas or placed underneath sheds or concealed areas where rats love to hide.

When the rats come across the grain sachets, they nibble on them as naturally as they would enjoy the grains consuming the poison that eventually kills them.  If you like, you can open the sachets and pour the grains into a tray or box.  However, be careful with this method as it can lead to a high scatter risk.

Pasta Bait

Pasta bait is an individual teabag shaped like sachets of dried pasta that are best used within bait stations.  These can be best used indoors and outdoors and have a more natural food-like appearance than any bait, making it less suspicious to the mice.

Pasta Bait

These sachets are neat and clean and cannot be scattered like loose bait, making them less wasted.  You can also use these sachets in bait boxes by piercing them with skewer rods onto the rods.

Unlike grain baits that turn dry and unappetizing with time, pasta bait remains tasty and appealing all year round.

The 3 Best Rat Poison For Outside

1. Tomcat Bait Chunx with Bromethalin

Tomcat is the way to go when you have an overwhelming population of rats in your household or ranch.  This poison deals with a high population and severe infestation of rodents taking a minimum of 4 days to kill once they feed on the bait.

Each bait chunk contains bromethalin, which is non-anticoagulant and has a luring effect while acting as good bait. It kills faster than the anticoagulants and makes rats stop eating after consuming it. Therefore, less poison is used to kill many rats.

This bait can be used in all-weather seasons because it is manufactured with a bit of wax content, making it resistant to moisture and mold. You can therefore set the bait to the preferable areas ensuring all the affected regions are covered.

The chunks come with readymade holes that you can use to place in rods, secured to be used in wires in bait stations.  This is one of the best rat poisons that are safe for pets and children.


  • It kills and eliminates a large population of rodents
  • Has holes in each chunk to help place in the bait stations
  • This product is safe to use around pets and kids


  • It does not kill instantly
  • Dead rats produce a foul odor

2. Bell Contrac Blox Rodent Control

Bell Contrac Blox is a potent poison that controls rats’ infestation during rainy or sunny weather.  It gives the best results while eliminating rats from your home.

A single feeding of this rodent poison can kill many rats and mice because it contains bromadiolone as an active ingredient.  Place these blocks of poison around your compound, in the ceiling, or anywhere these disturbing creatures have made their home.

Place an interrupted supply of baits for a continuous 2 weeks until you notice the rodents are all dead.  The rats will still have a foul odor after they die in their hidden spot, but it only lasts a week.  These baits come with a readymade hole to use rodents at bait stations that contain wire mounts.


  • Kills rats with a single feeding
  • It lasts a long time, serving you for longer
  • Used both indoors and outdoors


  • The rodents die slowly
  • They still produce an odor after death
  • It does not come with a warranty

3. Farman Just One-Bite Chunks

Farman rat poison is designed to be used around buildings and yards.  Due to its active ingredient, bromadiolone, it effectively eliminates the rats with just a single feed.  This poison is highly toxic to domestic households and should be used with care.

Each pellet hat has a readymade hole that acts as a bait station setup.  This bait attracts the rats to feed on the poison and with only one bite, the rat is affected enough to stop eating and dies in less than 5 days.

It is available in bulk size of 8 pounds to help you eliminate all the rodents you have in your yard and use it for longer. Ensure you keep a supply of these chunks until you notice they are not further consumed.  The poison is highly toxic and kills any animal it comes in contact with.

Farman does not dehydrate the rat, so it produces a foul odor for almost a week once it dies.


  • Highly effective killing rats in a single feed
  • Best used in agricultural buildings
  • It can be used at the bait station
  • The chunks last long


  • Produces a lousy smell after death


Before you use any rat poison outside, remember to read the labels and hazard instructions carefully.  Always store these poisons in a dry, serene environment away from kids and pets.

We hope the above products help you find the best rat poison for outdoor use and beyond.