Types Of Christmas Cactus

Different Types Of Christmas Cactus

The holiday season is around the corner. It’s that time of the year where you might want to plant a nice holiday houseplant such as Christmas cactus.

Christmas cactus will bloom gorgeously during the holiday periods. There are different types of Christmas cactus and we will be discussing them.

Genus Schlumbergera

The categories of Christmas cactus may be known under different names such as Thanksgiving or Easter cactus. However, the scientific name (Genus) of the Christmas cactus, which is Schlumbergera, never changes: Even though both thanksgiving and Christmas cactus belongs to the family of Schlumbergera.

Genus Schlumbergera

Who would ever imagine cactus would be a representation of Christmas. The Christmas cactus originated from the southeast tropical zone in the country of Brazil. The reason why they are named Christmas cactus is due to their flowering time.

Basically, we have 6 major species of Schlumbergera. Out of these species, a lot is assigned to be holiday cacti. This is because they bloom from September to February, thereby resulting in the name Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus plant.

Types of Christmas Cactus

There are various types of Christmas cactus but they are generally categorized into two major groups namely:

1.    Schlumbergera Truncata

The Schlumbergera truncata (also called the false Christmas cactus or zygocactus) group starts to blooms around thanksgiving till Christmas: Which is from middle November to late December. A few times, they might even bloom till January, depending on the variety of cactus you have.

Their bloom color varies from pink, red, golden-yellow, or white.

Schlumbergera truncata do well indoors and should be placed in a partial shade location. It is not a hardy plant. As such, when the temperature in your area drops to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, move your cactus plant indoors.

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2.    Schlumbergera Buckleyi

The Schlumbergera buckleyi group is a cactus houseplant that usually blooms more towards Christmas. They can also bloom around October, November (Thanksgiving).

Their blooms spread all over. They give distinctive and large vibrant flowers that will leave you breathtaking.

Closely Associated Cactus

The Easter cactus, the Thanksgiving cactus, and the Christmas cactus are all closely associated. Their flowers and stems are similar and it is quite common for people to mistake them for the same plants.

Difference between Christmas and Thanksgiving Cactus: How to Tell

A lot of times, people might have Thanksgiving cactus instead of Christmas cactus. Or even the other way round. It’s actually not a thing to worry about. The care and demands of these two cacti are both the same. They will only start to bloom at various times with a little dissimilar shape

Thus, the difference between Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus is mainly from their shape of flowers and leave shape.

Also, the period their flower blooms can tell the difference between these cacti. Christmas cactus always blooms around late winter to early spring.  While Thanksgiving cactus will bloom from fall through late winter.

Additional Information on Types of Christmas Cactus

No matter the type of cactus plant you have, be it Christmas or Thanksgiving, they will most likely brighten your home. They will bring some spark to your holidays with their gorgeous blooms.

They are great for gifting and receiving gifts during the holiday time of the year.

Another added benefit is that they can be passed down from one generation to the other. They are great for families and friends.